Zack Logan


The Long Road Festival


September 2018


KW – How are you enjoying the UK? Is it your first time playing in Europe?

ZL – This is my first time in Europe and I’m having a great time, I have been playing with Brent Cobb. We went to Ireland first to play at Whelan’s in Dublin, we had a lot of Guinness!  I have also recorded some songs with Bob Harris for BBC Radio 2.


KW – You’re off on a whistle stop of Europe after this weekend. Which gig are you looking forward to most?

ZL – I’m meeting up with my friend Michael Hansson in Gothenburg who’s taking me through Europe. He co wrote ‘Two Weeks at a Time’ with me.


KW – Which is your favourite track from your album ‘Raised by Wolves’? Mine is ‘Annalee’, it is a beautiful song with gorgeous harmonies.

ZL -I’d also have to say ‘Annalee’; lots of finger picking and harmonies.


KW – Do you write all your own songs or do you collaborate?

ZL – I collaborate a little but I mostly write on my own. The only co-write on the album ‘Raised by Wolves’ is ‘Two Weeks at a Time’.  I prefer to write on my own rather than sitting in a room with folks I don’t know.


KW – Who would you like to co-write with if you had the opportunity?

ZL – I’d love to write with John Prine, I’ve looked up to him for such a long time.


KW – If you had the opportunity to perform with someone else who would it be with?

ZL – I would love to play with Van Morrison, John Prine or Jackson Browne.


KW – Where would you most like to perform that you haven’t had a chance to as yet?

ZL – I’d love to play The Ryman and Austin City Limits festival.


KW – Who is your biggest influence? Musically or otherwise?

ZL – John Prine. He writes kooky songs and I thought that that’s my style, I can do that.


KW – What was the 1st song you sang in front of an audience?

ZL – Probably ‘Jesus Loves Me’ at Church


KW – When do your best ideas come to you?

ZL – Late at night, that time just before I go to sleep.


KW – What is the best or worst piece of advice you have ever been given?

ZL – My best is drink lots of water. I’ve not had any bad advice yet.


KW – Are you thinking about your follow up album yet?

ZL – I’ve written a whole bunch of songs and they’re more up tempo than ‘Raised by Wolves’.

This was Zack’s first time in Europe; he is originally from Mississippi, now living in Nashville. His parents came with him and his Dad was beaming from ear to ear whilst recording his son’s appearance, it was lovely to see.


Zack’s set on the Front Porch Stage at 23:00 was fantastic, he engaged with the audience who loved him and it was just what we needed as the temperature dropped!


His Album ‘Raised by Wolves’ was launched in August 2018, with the lead song Annalee released in May. The album is not available on iTunes but is on Spotify.

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