“Seems an awful lot like the future of country music.” – Rolling Stone

“Mixing the music genres of country and hip hop, emerging talent Willie Jones is quickly becoming an artist to watch” – Spindle

“A true country music star.” – Fault 

“Merges contemporary country music twangs with energetic hip hop.” – Wonderland

“Blends country music topics and cadences with the confessional, first-person styling of underground hip-hop.” – The Boot

Willie Jones completes his mission to blend the energy of hip-hop with the big-hearted authenticity of country with the release of his debut album ‘Right Now’, which is out via The Penthouse/ EMPIRE. Produced by MyGuyMars (Drake, Mac Miller, Jay-Z), Mark Batson (Eminem, Dr. Dre) and Justin Ebach (Dustin Lynch, Brett Young, Jordan Davis), the tracks on the record are all written or co-written by Jones.   Listen HERE.

‘Right Now’ is packed with the killer cuts that have made Willie a rising star (including the party-starting ‘Bachelorettes On Broadway’ which has exceeded 15 million streams), “Back Porch”  and his latest, “Down For It” featuring T.I. – an updated rendition of the original, which has accumulated more than 7 million streams on Spotify alone. The new track was featured on Pandora’s Country Rap, Apple’s New Music Daily, Country Risers and others, and it was the cover of TIDAL’s Rap & Country playlist.

“My first album ‘Right Now’ is finally out and I’m damn happy about it,” says Willie“Covid pushed us back but after doing a few collaborations and getting the final song and video ready, it lined up perfectly. I’ve grown so much in the process and I am thankful for everybody who had a part in making this happen. Much love to the producers and writers I had the pleasure of collaborating with. I’m blessed to have had the freedom to experiment and find my sound, my tone, my voice and present who I am ‘Right Now’.”

There’s also a wealth of brand new material including the new single ‘American Dream’ which stands proud as a highlight of the album’s new songs which was released on Monday 18th, Martin Luther King Day. Co-written by Willie Jones, Josh Logan and Jason Afable (Florida Georgia Line), who also produced the track, with additional production by Alex “Lex” Goodwin (Nelly, Jason Derulo), Willie excels at social commentary, offering an ode to patriotism that addresses racial equality. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

Willie explains, “When I saw the final edit, I knew this was my most important statement to date as an artist. It’s going to make people think and also understand how I see our country, our collective past, and futures. It was captured perfectly: the emotion, the creative use of anime, the message being relatable to so many. I felt relieved and inspired. No joke, I got chills.” 

Other new songs show that he’s lost none of his flair for old school hedonism. It’s particularly evident in the gritty beat of ‘Drank Too Much’ – a surprisingly vulnerable story of how one more drink gave him the confidence to approach a woman who he thought was out of his league. He switches the focus from lust to love in the beautiful slowburning ballad ‘Actions’, which features arguably his strongest vocal to date. The boozy, bluesy title track neatly encapsulates the message behind much of the album: life is full of ups and downs, so what can you do but live in the moment?

Willie recently launched his own Crossroads Radio show on Apple Music. The bi-weekly show provides a platform for him to highlight current sounds and trends in both country and rap, and also offers a sounding board for fellow production fanatics who care deeply about how the two genres intertwine.

Hailing from ShreveportLouisiana (halfway between Dallas and New Orleans), Willie Jones has redefined country, hip-hop and pop to create an organic sound that respects all three genres. It’s a forward-thinking cocktail of influences that has resulted in him playing shows with artists as diverse as Shawn MendesWillie NelsonMichael Ray and Chase Rice.

With one foot in country’s historic traditions and another boldly stepping into the future, Willie Jones continues to break boundaries.

‘Right Now’ tracklist:

1. Country Soul (Willie Jones / Nick Autry / Essancy / Michael Todd)
2. Back Porch (Jones / Autry / Michael Lotten / Lamar Edwards)
3. Bachelorettes on Broadway (Jones / Essancy / Dave Audé / Edwards / Jason Robinson)
4. Down For It (Jones / Essancy / Nicole Croteau / David Mohr / Clifford Harris / James Scheffer / David Siegel / Edwards)
5. American Dream (Jones / Jason Afable / Josh Logan / Alex Goodwin)
6. Right Now (Jones / Christian Valenzuela / Michael Ferrucci / Edwards / Dillon Rupp)
7. Trainwreck (Jones / Mark Baston / Justin Ebach)
8. Drank Too Much (Jones / Eric Arjes / Brad Clawson / Edwards)
9. Whole Lotta Love (Jones / Essancy / Juliet Piper / Edwards)
10. Actions (Willie Jones)
11. Down For It (JD Walker Version) featuring T.I.
(Jones / Essancy / Nicole Croteau / David Mohr / Clifford Harris / James Scheffer / David Siegel / Joshua Walker)
12. Down For It (Lamar “MyGuyMars” Edwards Remix) featuring T.I.
(Jones / Essancy / Nicole Croteau / David Mohr / Clifford Harris / James Scheffer / David Siegel / Edwards)

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