September 26th October 2018

Review by Gary Tree

The Wandering Hearts

So the evening started with a meal at the Bush Hall Dining Rooms – if you are going to a gig at Bush Hall book a table here as you can get a 2 or 3 course pre-show menu and discount with your ticket….the food is great and the staff were really friendly.
But make sure you ask a member of staff to show you to your table, unlike me who asked Bob Harris’s right hand man who happened to walk towards me as we entered. Not embarrassing at all….

So tonight I went with two friends, who I asked to give comments on the four acts…they both love The Wandering Hearts, but didn’t know much about the other three performers, so below are a trio of reviews – mine first followed by my friends:

Eleanor Nelly:
A new act to me – so I was interested to hear her set. Hailing from Liverpool and she recently travelled to America to start songwriting. She has a lovely voice and the four songs were great, from what I heard I am excited to hear more. She has a lot of potential.

Natalie: “Thick scouse accent turns into a delightfully melodic singing voice. Very easy on the ears, would be keen to hear more.”

Cathy: “Beautiful voice and great songs. Really enjoyed her set and would like to hear more of her.”

Sara Douga:
More of a traditional country style with a very distinctive voice which I can see being “marmite”. I liked her but at times felt her voice was on the verge of going out of tune. A good performer with an appealing personality but I wasn’t totally sold.

Natalie: “This was for the old school country lovers. Very traditional country sound.”

Cathy: “I know she’s highly regarded. I could see she was talented and was very likeable on stage. But I didn’t enjoy her voice and style of singing.”

Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling:
I have seen Sarah perform once at C2C a few years ago and really liked her, so I was looking forward to seeing her again. She really delivered with a confident and enjoyable set and previewed a lot of new material. Whereas most country acts write and record in the USA, Sarah’s new album was written in the UK because of her love for her husband’s home country. The new songs were really nice and I can’t wait to hear them again when the album is released later in the year.

Natalie: “Beautiful tone and great vocal control make a wonderful combination. Sarah Darling certainly did ‘Shine’!”

Cathy: “A beautiful voice and some great songs.”

Wandering Hearts:
Ever since I heard Devil on Radio 2 last year I have been hooked, and “Wild Silence” has to be my album of the year (never skip a track!). I have now seen them several times and they just keep getting better and better….their voices are faultless, harmonies fantastic, new songs exciting and I loved the way they took some songs from Wild Silence and re-arranged them to give them a different spin. Can’t wait to see them again in November!!!

Natalie: “Undeniably magical harmonies, these guys just get better and better!!”

Cathy: “Absolutely wonderful. I knew how good they were having seen them before but they were even better than I remembered. Their harmonies are beautiful. Their set was a real crowd pleaser and one of my favourite gigs of the year.”

It was a lovely evening Under The Apple Tree, showcasing great talent.

One final note – what is it with talking through concerts at the moment? Every concert I have been to recently has noisy drunks shouting out, talking through the support acts and even at times through the headliners!!!! I like a drink as much as the next person (just ask Kate), but when attending a gig respect the artists, think of the other attendees and don’t drink yourself stupid…. Review of “Under The Apple Tree Sessions Presents…with Eleanor Nelly, Sara Douga, Sarah Darling and The Wandering Hearts.

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