Hot on the heels of the lead single ‘Speed Of Anything’ from their upcoming album, London-based alt-country duo Two Ways Home are set to release their follow-up single ‘Out On The Road’ on October 18th. Having showcased a pop influence with the lead single, ‘Out On The Road’ exposes their appreciation of Roots/Americana melodies, whilst maintaining the infectious nature and anthemic chorus that fans of the duo have come to know and love over the last few years.

Out on the Road is a song we wrote in Nashville with Ben Jones. We were on tour at the time around America, enjoying the open road and drawing from how we were feeling about the places we’d seen. The main message of the song is that everything is alright as long as you are with the ones that you love. For us it is reminiscent of songs like Take it Easy by the Eagles with 3 part harmony parts and the very relaxed guitar solo.

‘Speed Of Anything’ garnered support from Baylen Leonard at Country Hits Radio, a long-time supporter of the duo who exclusively premiered the track. They’ve become firm favourites within the UK country community too, having made fans in the likes of Entertainment Focus and Lyric Magazine, with the latter describing the last single as “a song dripping in class & catchiness”.

Lewis and Isi have toured heavily in recent weeks, having teamed up with Caffe Nero for a nationwide tour of their coffee stores, and they’ve just been named Caffe Nero’s ‘Artist Of The Month’ for October. The duo also performed at Gloucester Country Music Festival, and will continue their busy schedule into November with shows already planned in London, Manchester and Cheltenham.

Artist: Two Ways Home

Release: ‘Out On The Road’ (October 18th)

For Fans Of: Delta Rae, Holly Williams, Gone West

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