Jaren Johnston, Kelby Ray & Neil Mason (collectively known as The Cadillac Three) but all equally talented and accomplished musicians & songwriters, have finally released their long awaited fourth album ‘Country Fuzz’. Two and a half years after the release of the brilliant ‘Legacy’ in 2017, the Nashville trio have released a 16 track, 47 minute slice of pure TC3 brilliance. They always bring the party and this album does not disappoint.

‘Country Fuzz’ could have only been the sole contender for the title of this album. A genre fluid experience that encompasses so many aspects of authentic southern rock, 70’s-feel boogie and funk, heavy rock, disco (YES, I HEARD DISCO on ‘Blue El Camino’ and they rocked it!!), bluegrass and the softer, more traditional side of country music. Trademark TC3 riffs and the ‘fuzzy’ sound that sets them apart from their contempories blend into every style with an effortless ease.

From the opening, rock’n’roll mixed with 90’s country vibe, ‘Bar Round Here’, TC3 gets the party started. It’s a real surprise on the second track ‘The Jam’ to hear the boys funk inspired groove, mixed with a sound reminiscent of ‘Slide’ on Bury Me in My Boots. What surprises me more is that it really works and it’s so exciting to hear such a new sound from TC3. How do you follow that revelation? With a cracker featuring Chris Janson & Travis Tritt and a howling harmonica on ‘Hard Out Here for a Country Boy’.

‘Slow Rollin’ showcases Jaren’s sexy, growly vocals over a ZZ Top-esque heavy bassline which rolls perfectly into ‘All the Makin’s of a Saturday Night’, a song celebrating music & drinking with friends on a weekend…

… ‘We got Dierks & Blake & Luke Combs too, and Janson shows up with some Mountain Dew’…

Occasionally the boys take a hiatus from partying to deliver more poignant moments, with beautiful thought-provoking lyrics on ‘Labels’ – ‘you come into the world with your own tattoo, nobody wants to be labelled’, and the versatility of Johnston’s incredible vocals shine on ‘Dirt Road Nights’ & my personal favourite on the album ‘Heat’.

I could go through each song for you with my personal opinions (including the fact that ‘Whiskey & Smoke’ sounds like a cross between Brooks & Dunn meets Velvet Revolver – and it’s HOT HOT HOT!!) but you really just need to grab a copy of this album now. Check. Get some friends over. Check. Crack open the Jack Daniels and crank the volume up loud. CHECK.

I can’t wait to hear these songs played live and hope that Eric Church brings a coat to C2C, its going to be pretty chilly after The Cadillac Three have blown the roof off the main stage…

Caroline Gulla

Track Listing: Bar Round Here, The Jam, Hard Out Here For A Country Boy (featuring Chris Jason and Travis Tritt), Slow Rollin’, All The Makin’s Of A Saturday Night, Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys, Labels, Raise Hell, Back Home, Dirt Road Nights, Blue El Camino, Jack Daniels’ Heart, Why Ya Gotta Go Out Like That, Heat, Whiskey And Smoke, Long After Last Call

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