Based in London and Essex, Lucy Blu is known by some as ‘the girl with the blue hair.’ And along with her unusual hair colour choices, she’s an incredible singer and a songwriter, who has the ability to write anthemic moments from the most intimate songs. 

Her balance of sincere lyrics and soulful vocals has grabbed the Country scene here in the UK firmly by the horns, and she says that she has no plans of letting go any time soon.

Growing up, Lucy was quickly drawn to the honesty of Country music, has her parents being big fans of the genre.

She recalls: “From a young age, I was exposed to a wide variety of musical genres; you could go from one room to another in my house and hear the likes of The Eagles, Emmylou Harris, Motley Crue and Michael Jackson, all at the same time!”  

“However, Country music is where my true love and passion lies, but I am so thankful to have been brought up respecting and appreciating music in all its forms.” 

With her own influences spanning from Willie Nelson and The Eagles to more recent female artists like Kacey Musgraves and Cam, she has the perfect balance of something old and something new!

If fact, she was recently been compared to some of Country’s modern greats, including Cam and Kacey, and referred to as “the UK’s answer to Linda Ronstadt”.  So it’s clear to see, how she is cementing her place firmly amongst the very best out there today.

Lucy released her first EP ‘Trendy Girl, in September 2017, which was followed in March 2018, by her top ten single ‘Worse Than Whiskey.’  This proved popular among Country fans and others besides. Receiving airplay from national and international radio shows, and was selected for a number of Spotify playlists.

It became noticeable that with each release Lucy gain confidence in the studio and this showed when she released the title track to her forthcoming EP. With its catchy chorus, ‘Only Just Begun’ became a standout anthem and a number 1 hit.

Soon after the EP’s was released, but this now only available on a physical CD.

Lucy also released two more singles from the aforementioned EP. ‘Row Your Own’ in April and ‘Ready To Be Lonely’ in August.

By the tail end of 2019, Lucy released a brand new single, ‘Tequila Made Me Do It’. A drinking song turned into a list of wrongdoings caused by the effect of having too much tequila. 

So, with four singles, sitting atop the iTunes Country Chart, National Radio play, Festival slots, a brand new EP stocked in HMV, and a packed out headline show, this was just part of the crazy, wonderful, amazing things that happened in 2019 for ‘the girl with the blue hair’, and the BCA wish her every success in the future.

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“The UK’s answer to Linda Ronstadt”

“Stunning voice, a really rich beautiful sound”

“Gorgeous voice. Amazing songwriter. Her lyrics are so clever”

“Powerful country voice, great songwriter and commands the stage”

“A great versatility in her music as well as the ability to nail that killer song” ~ Belles & Gals

“With each release, she seems to have gained in confidence in the studio and “Only

Just Begun” is easily her best work yet.” ~ W21 Music

“For a first recording this is simply excellent – an EP that just gets better and better with every listen.” ~ Re: 2016 Trendy

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