By Ian Aspinall


Hailing from North Wales, now in North London via LIPA in Liverpool, Shannon Hynes is one of the UK’s finest young talents in the UK Country scene and on November 26th brings us her latest single Woman’s Scorn.


Born out of a common emotion following a break up, Woman’s Scorn is that angry revenge song we all need when we get our heart broken. I’m going to be bold and liken Shannon to Taylor Swift in that she uses her own experiences to write her songs (I’m aware a lot of songwriters do that, but I know Shannon is a fan of Taylor and I know the specific stories behind some of her songs) – get on the wrong side of her at your peril! ‘Trust me, he won’t show up dead, but he might want to get a move on.’


In typical Shannon, fire breathing Welsh dragon style, this doesn’t focus on the subject or the cause of the scorn, rather the actual anger, and as such is quite upbeat, despite the somewhat dark, and frankly scary, subject matter.


Produced by Jack Watson of Jack in the Box studios, like Shannon’s last few singles this has excellent musical accompaniment – lots of electric guitar and fiddle that compliment Shannon’s soulful, sometimes haunting, vocals. You can detect the anger and vengeance in the lyrics and singing, but there is a beauty to it all that brings you onside to the wronged woman. Shannon wants this to become the song for women up and down the nation who’ve been wronged in a relationship and this is definitely the song to do that.


If you’ve not listened to Shannon’s music before, I highly recommend going through the back catalogue of singles as she is mastering her craft and I’m sure is destined to do really well.


Available on all digital service providers for streaming or download, Woman’s Scorn is out November 26th.

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