Award-winning, rising stars Broken Witt Rebels share their vibrant new live video ‘Shake Me Down’ to launch the tour with Reef which starts today.

Shake Me Down video

‘Shake Me Down’ comes from the band’s eponymous 10-track album, co-produced with Tom Gittins (who’s worked with living rock legend Robert Plant)

Broken Witt Rebels are: Danny Core (vocals and rhythm guitar), James Tranter (vocals and lead guitar), Luke Davis (vocals and bass) and James Dudley (drums and percussion). Hailing from Birmingham in the UK (a city with a long, rich musical pedigree), the rocking, rebel foursome deliver an intoxicating blend of soulful Americana, blues, and wailing rock guitar, fronted by powerful, feeling-filled vocals.

In the words of the influential music blog Indie Shuffle, “There’s something about this type of music that feels raw, Southern, and whiskey-soaked. I can’t get enough”

So say all here. Up the Rebels!

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