Following up their well-received singles ‘Old Stories’ and ‘Running’, Scottish three-piece Traveller have announced their next release, the self-titled ‘Traveller’, coming October 4th. Continuing the momentum they’re building with their blend of roots influences, ‘Traveller’ tells a story of a faceless musician with a “suitcase and guitar they’ll never see”, “looking for someone to say ‘come on in’”. Traveller are establishing themselves as talented lyricists when it comes to expressing heartache and struggle, a theme that runs through their music alongside the atmospheric production listeners will hear in the new release.

“This was one of those songs where we wanted to capture an atmosphere and feeling that when you listen to the track you feel the guy’s pain. He’s been looking for somewhere to settle down, a place that feels like home but it’s not easy for him. Recording the track was quite emotive, with the simplistic guitar to accompany the melody that will hopefully catch the listeners attention. It’s met with the rise of the drums as the emotion lifts towards the end when finally, he’s accepted”

Since their critically acclaimed debut release “All This Time” in 2016, the 3-piece have been picking up support from fans across the globe.  Their appeal is due in no small part to their wealth of vintage and contemporary influences, ranging from REM and Bruce Springsteen, right through to Jack Savoretti and Keith Urban. With a new full-length album ready to go, it’s an exciting time for the group as they continue to showcase their craft with a string of single releases.

“The Sound of Gritty, UK Country Rock” – XS Noize

“Influenced by traditional country and rock artists as well as modern songwriters.. Charming and soulful” – Impose Magazine

Artist: Traveller

Release: ‘Traveller’ (October 4th)

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