Following his successful January tour and showcase at this years Americana Fest UK, Sam Morrow is back in the UK for his second run of 2019 – including festival shows at Red Rooster and Black Deer.

Morrow’s Concrete and Mud is a confident career-defining album, rooted in Texas twang, southern stomp, and old-school funky-tonk. At 28 years old, Morrow’s found his footing as an artist. The first single, “Quick Fix” was an infectious hook laden stew of syncopated beats with bubbling clavinet, slinky guitars and doubled vocals. There’s also an undercurrent of classic country running throughout the mix. The second single, “Paid By The Mile” was all about the romance
of life on the road.  A third single, “Heartbreak Man” will be out this Summer.
Concrete and Mud “is about the fabric of America, and how the Mississippi is a metaphor for what binds very different people together,” says Morrow, whose album builds a similar bridge between opposing camps: country and rock & roll; the West Coast and the American South, concrete and mud. “The sentiment is,” he adds, “the things that unite us are stronger than the forces that divide us.”
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