Southern Fridays Party Cruise

By Kate Willis

27 July 2018


After months of hot, sunny weather, we were really looking forward to cruising down the Thames listening to country music.  Sadly, the weather Gods decided this was the day to send the rain. Despite being advised that the sailing time was a prompt 18:55 the boat set off much later I’m guessing due to the heavy rain.


The food we were promised sounded much nicer than it actually was.  We expected more for the ticket price. It was all cold and resembled Iceland’s party food.


We were treated to live music from Liv Austin, Frankie Davies, and Raintown.  Each artist had three songs but we would have loved to hear a few more.


With Baylen spinning the discs, a party was guaranteed.  It was a shame that the music couldn’t be heard on the top deck until the last hour when a speaker was finally allowed outside.  This didn’t stop the enjoyment of everyone inside on the dance floor with the obligatory conga to Brad Paisley’s Mona Lisa.


The views along the Thames were spectacular and we were treated to a firework display as we turned around at Greenwich.  Despite a late start we docked promptly. I heard a lot of positive feedback from other attendees, but it’s not something I’d be rushing to attend again.

Photos credit: Gary Tree

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