Wildcard is Miranda’s 7th studio album and as usual for Miranda fans, we were eager in our anticipation!  A couple of tracks have been released as teasers for the album including her latest Country radio single – It All Comes Out in the Wash.

On the whole, Wildcard maintains the slower tempo style that Miranda used for the majority of The Weight of These Wings and like the latter, Wildcard took me a few listens to get into it and I am not really sure I am that into it even yet.  I put it in my car when I was driving for a couple of hours and I found my mind kept wandering rather than listening with attention!  I also found not many lyrics jumped out at me.  One of the things I did wonder was how often alcohol would make an appearance, so I decided to count!

We start with “White Trash”, which talks about how you can take the girl outta the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park outta the girl!  It sounds as if she has moved into a pretty little house in a nice neighbourhood, but although she can keep the house clean, she just can’t help accumulating what most of us would class as rubbish, on her lawn.  She doesn’t see it as rubbish though, she sees it as treasure!

“Mess With My Head” has a really odd concept in it, one of the lines is – ‘You treat my mind like a hotel room’.  What does that even mean?  This is an odd song and I have to say I don’t really get it!

You can see why the third track was chosen as the first track to be released, “It All Comes Out in the Wash” is a jaunty number mixing stained clothes with social gaffs, drunk dialling, getting frisky with your boss and even ratting out your sister to your mum.  It is also the first song to mention alcohol, with a nod to red wine!

In “Settling Down” Miranda has reached a crossroads in her life and is questioning which path she should be taking.

As you would expect from a track called “Holy Water”, this has a gospel sound to it, especially with the backing singers.

With the sixth track “Way Too Pretty for Prison” we are given a multitude of ways to kill a cheating boyfriend (husband?) but like Brandy not liking stripes and orange not being her colour, Miranda feels the probability of a jail sentence isn’t worth it and prison would be too difficult to survive.  This is a duet with Maren Morris and as Maren is going on tour with Miranda on her Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars tour (man I would love that to come to the UK!) I am certain this will be on the set list with the 2 of them performing it!  White wine gets a mention in this song.

“Locomotive“ is a really fast track and you do get the sensation that you are on a train.  Although sweet tea is mentioned more often, whiskey gets a shout out, just after she says she is little bit more Tennessee!

When I first looked at the tracklist for Wildcard, I thought it odd that there wasn’t a track called Wildcard.  In “Bluebird” the mystery is solved when Miranda says she has a wild card up her sleeve.  There is a line in this song ‘Well I’m a giver yeah and I’m still giving ’em hell’, I like that and it made me laugh!  Alcohol isn’t mentioned, but she does say that if love keeps giving her lemons she will just mix them in her drink, I immediately thought of gin and tonic, although I suppose it could be lemonade!

Cabernet gets a mention in “How Dare You Love” and although there isn’t a drink mentioned in “Fire Escape” (which is actually quite a weird love song) Downtown bar bands and half pint lovers do, do they count?

In “Pretty Bitching” Miranda is saying she is pretty lucky with her life and that she makes the most of what is thrown her way, although she does give a nod to the fact that not everything has gone to plan and she has been in the press for the wrong reasons!  Red wine shows up again!

Track twelve is “Tequila Does”, so no prizes for guessing the whole song will be about alcohol.  I actually have a Spotify playlist of songs with Tequila in the title, so here is another 1 for that playlist!  3 types of tequila are mentioned (I did have to use Google to check on this as I wasn’t sure, I am not that knowledgeable on Tequila!!)  Also margarita and beer are mentioned, a booze laden song!  It is a fun track and very clever song writing!

Listening to the penultimate song, “Track Record”, I couldn’t help but think of Vice, it is of a very similar vein – ‘a heart like mine oughta come with a warning’.  It is a jaunty number, but I think the underlying message is actually quite sad, the ‘track record’ is that she is a heart breaker!  I am hoping she wrote it before she married Brendan McLoughlin, otherwise I don’t hold out much hope for that marriage!

The sad vein continues with “Dark Bars” and again is a track that would have fitted very well on Weight of These Wings.  Miranda is singing about hanging out in dark bars as she is lonely and wants to wallow in it, but she is looking for fun.  Bitters and sours are mentioned, but obviously the song is set in a bar!


By the end of writing this, Wildcard has grown on me more.  “Tequila Does”, “Way Too Pretty for Prison” and “All Come Out in the Wash” are my favourite tracks.  Miranda has said with this record she has written about the things that go on in her world and the worlds of people around her.  You can certainly see (or rather hear!) that in songs like “White Trash” and “Bluebird”.

Again going back to Weight of These Wings, there were a few songs on that that did not make sense to me and this has continued in with Wildcard!

Due to “Tequila Does” I kinda lost count of how many times alcohol is mentioned, but it is fair to say it pops up a lot!

Track Listing

White Trash

Mess With My Head

It All Comes Out in the Wash

Settling Down

Holy Water

Way too Pretty for Prison (With Maren Morris)



How Dare You Love

Fire Escape

Pretty Bitchin’

Tequila Does

Track Record

Dark Bars

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