By Ian Aspinall


If you follow UK country, you should now have heard of Lucy Blu. She’s been playing live and recording for the last few years, and this year played Tennessee Fields and Buckle & Boots as well supporting Candi Carpenter at her Brighton show. The blue or purple haired singer from Essex has recently been releasing a series of singles starting with Bonnie & Clyde, and most recently, last Friday (September 17th), I Won’t. This heartbreaker, produced by Alex Maile, is a haunting yet beautiful exploration of the feelings after a breakup, and that time when you see the person some time after it.

As someone who has been in that situation, Lucy’s lyrics capture those feelings and emotions brilliantly. The awkwardness of seeing the person, not knowing what to say or speak about are portrayed excellently, with the right level of sadness and longing.  For a country song about heartbreak it couldn’t be better.

I’ve been going to Lucy’s live shows for a few years now, and often she is accompanied by guitarist extraordinaire Jack McGinn, but on this recorded version of I Won’t she is joined by some additional instrumentation and the production skills of Alex; this instrumental accompaniment brings Lucy’s lyrics to life with a soulful, slightly haunting at times, backing track. Despite the theme of the song the tune manages to avoid making the song depressing while not taking away from the feeling of heartbreak and melancholy portrayed in the lyrics.

In a brief interview with Lucy late last year, in the run up to the release of this set of singles and arranging some gigs with a full band (as opposed to being accompanied only by the aforementioned Jack McGinn or Jack and fellow guitarist Tom Wright), Lucy said that working with Alex has brought these songs to life, and taken some of them in a different direction. I Won’t is a slow song when performed as a duo and this recorded band version feels ever so slightly quicker than the non-band live version, but it is still an excellent song. This is a credit both to Lucy’s song writing and the production vision of Alex.

Lucy has released a string of singles including Bonnie & Clyde, Shine, Bulletproof and All This Time. I urge you to take any chance you get to see Lucy play live as she performs all these songs, other songs in her catalogue and the occasional out there cover. She is playing live at the Camden Chapel on October 14th, details of which are on the Country Lowdown website or Lucy’s socials, @lucyblumusic on Instagram, @lucybluoffical on Twitter and Lucy Blu on Facebook. Whilst not a full band show she will be having 3 musical accompaniments and it is set to be an amazing show.

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