Helen & Kate had 5 minutes to catch up with Logan, after we had had a chat with him at C2C in March.

Helen– Hi Logan, we (Country Lowdown) last spoke to you at Country 2 Country festival in March, at the time your daughter had painted your finger & toe nails.

Logan– I thought my daughter was going to paint them again, but she didn’t!

Helen– How about your toes? They are hidden, we can’t see them!

Logan– No, toes are normal!  She is kinda coming out of that phase right now.

Helen– You have played several UK festivals now, you have your own Headline shows coming up, which you had to add on more dates.  Were you surprised, or were you secretly hoping that you would have to do that? 

Logan– Well yes, I was secretly hoping, but I was surprised.  You are always surprised that people like your music & the show & want more of it.  When you start out, you are never sure if anyone is going to like it & what sort of response you are going to get.

Helen– Are you surprised from the reaction you are getting from the UK?

Logan– Always, yeah! It is really flattering, it is so cool. It is crazy to think that when I was a 12 year old kid, I was sitting in my room thinking I would like to do this some day & now I am and people in different countries like this.

Helen– Last time you spoke to us you said new music was on its way, but it was going to be a little while, how are we doing now?

Logan– Ah, we have cut seven songs I believe & I think our new single comes out maybe I think, don’t quote me on this, but I think October.

Helen– Of course I am going to quote you on this!!  Hello!! Much laughter.

Logan– Oh yeah, course you are!  I think it actually comes out before the tour starts in Belfast.

Kate– You are over for Country Music Week aren’t you, in October?

Logan– Yes, so I think the first single off the new project will be out then. 

Kate– Are you going to go straight to album, or EP & then an album? 

Logan –I am not sure, I know they want to do an EP first, I am not into that.

Kate– No, because most of the time it means the buyer pays twice for the same music.

Logan– Yeah, you can put that on the record!  Laughs. I don’t like EPs at all, just put the record out, why wait! 

Kate – When I was in Nashville in the spring I talked to an independent artist & he said he uses EPs to do stuff that is more experimental. If they want to do more concept stuff, he puts it on an EP rather than 3 songs that are then going to be then be put on an album as well . Meaning fans pay twice for the same music.  

Logan– My label is really cool, I think it is a way to gauge fan reaction before you drop a whole album & then you start getting some money to pay for some of the recording costs early on.  There are a lot of reasons for doing it & I understand that I am not sour about it. I am just “Let’s cut the whole record & put it out!”

Photo credit Colin Jones.

Kate– You like Elton John then?  (Logan was wearing a very shiny Elton John tee shirt!)

Logan– I love Elton John, yeah.

Kate – Did you like the film?  Have you seen it?

Logan – I haven’t seen it no.  I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but we have 2 kids, if we go to the movies it is kids stuff we go to see. I don’t really get a lot of time to watch movies. Actually I don’t remember last time I watched a movie.

Kate – What about when you are on a plane?  Or do you just listen to music?

Logan– I always think I am going to watch a movie on the plane, but I end up falling asleep or reading a book.

Helen– Would you prefer to play at a festival, or your own headline shows?

Logan– Aw man the headline shows are easier to get into a routine every day, especially when you are on a tour, so for the sake of being in a routine I like doing my own shows. Festivals are great though, you get to see all your friends & connect to people & there is all the media.

Kate – There is also the fact that there are people than there would be coming to your individual shows.

Logan– Yeah, you get the opportunity to make more fans, so there are benefits to both.

Helen– So, we are at the Long Road festival, metaphorically speaking or otherwise, what is the longest road that you have travelled on?

Logan– Errrm, (thinks) longestroad?

Helen– May not necessarily be driving, may be something else?

Logan– Aw man, this journey has been a long one, I have been pursuing a career in music for half my life.  There has been a lot of ups & downs.  It is fun, but it has been a long one!  

Helen – When did you start, how old?

Logan– Oh gosh, well really I started writing stuff when I was 17 or 18, but I didn’t get to Nashville until I was 21. So I guess you would say a third of my life. 

Helen– Ok, cool, thank you for your time & enjoy the rest of the festival.

Logan– Thanks.

Photo credit Colin Jones.

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