Kiefer Sutherland came in to chat to the newly-launched Country Hits Radio discussing the ‘stigma’ of moving from acting to music, the ‘visceral’ response from live gigs he’s received and how he’s been welcomed into the country community.

“I was acutely aware of the stigma of an actor doing music and really didn’t want anything to do with that.” Kiefer

Kiefer Sutherland on how a trip to the bar marked his foray into country music, the ‘visceral’ response at his live gigs, and the ‘incredible experience’ on tour.

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Actor-singer-producer Kiefer Sutherland came in to the newly-launched national radio station Country Hits Radio to chat to Baylen Leonard today about his second studio album Reckless & Me. Whilst on the show, Kiefer talked about the ‘stigma’ of moving from acting to music, on the sense of community he’s found in the world of country and how the experience of acting and playing music differs so much.

See Kiefer’s quotes below:

Kiefer Sutherland on making the move from acting to music:-
“When I made the first record I was acutely aware of the stigma of an actor doing music and really didn’t want anything to do with that. I had a lot of songs that I had written, though, and I took them to a friend of mine, Jude Cole… he really liked the way they sounded and tried to convince me to make a record and I said, “absolutely not,” because of the stigma of an actor doing music. He took me to a bar and we a couple of drinks and slowly it started to sound like a better idea.

“So, we agreed to make five songs and at that point, I liked the way they sounded and went forward with that record and then discovered touring. Which I love the most.”

On the response at live gigs over theatres:-
“There are rules in the theatre and you’re supposed to sit quietly and, you know, if you wanna show your appreciation, do it at the end of the performance. Whereas you play a music show, man, you’re trying to get people up from the first down beat. You want them to make noise. You want to get the riled up and so… it’s just visceral and it’s, it’s tactile and it’s, and it’s exciting and and it’s also very new.”

On playing the Grand Ole Opry:-
“That was one of the first places that I really got taken aback by the sense of community within country music musicians. In the dressing rooms at, backstage, all the doors were open and everybody’s just playing someone else a new song that they’re working or something like that and I was scared to death…

“They were so gracious and everyone there wanted you to do well and it was an incredibly refreshing moment for me and, and really, from that time on, Nashville and, and the writers there and the musicians that I’ve toured with, has just been an incredibly, incredibly special experience.”

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