Joshua Hedley

The Long Road Festival

September 2018

As a regular on the Nashville scene for many years, Joshua paid his dues playing the fiddle for several singers before being recently ‘discovered’ as an artist in his own right. Already on his second visit to the UK this year to promote his new album, ‘Mr Jukebox’, his main stage appearance at the Long Road Festival was a great opportunity to expose his classic style to a wider audience. He and his band went down a storm and I managed to catch a few minutes with him just before his show

AR: Welcome to the Long Road Festival, how are you enjoying it so far, will you be checking out anyone out later?

JH: I just got here about 20 minutes ago, but I know Ruby Boots is playing today, she’s a good friend of mine and Elizabeth Cook, I definitely want to see her, that’s my girl. She’s a fellow Floridian turned Nashvillian, like myself.


AR: Have you done many festivals in the US? What are they like?

JH: Oh yeah, I’m a new artist but an old musician. I’ve been playing fiddle for other people for a long time, for Justin Townes Earle then I played for Jonny Fritz for a really long time, so we’ve done them all.


AR: So it’ll be interesting to see how this will compare?

JH: Yeah it’s going to be awesome I think.

AR: Am I right in saying this your 2ndvisit to the UK?

JH: It’s my 2ndtime as an artist playing headline shows, but Jonny and I did a tour a couple of years ago, I was opening for him and playing the fiddle in his set. Before that I played for a woman called Eileen Rose back in 2009 and that was my first time over here. But these last couple have been my shows.


AR: How have found the audiences here, how do they compare to the ones back home?

JH: It’s great, I’m just starting to do some US touring, so we’ll see how that goes, but you guys are my first taste of an audience, I’ve yet to see what the US has to offer.


AR: You’re quite active on Twitter, your posts on your trip to the UK have been very interesting. What happened at the Indian restaurant in Carlisle last week?

JH: The guy there was amazing, I was going to ask him to make a recommendation anyway, but as soon as our bass player ordered his favourite curry just the way he likes it he was like, no and then told us all what we were going to eat. I got to choose white or red meat and that was it. But dude, it was fire, it was so good and if ever I’m in Carlisle again I’m going to stop in there and you should too.


AR: Your album, ‘Mr Jukebox’ was out in April, what’s the response been like?

JH: It’s been really good, people are buying it and listening to it. You can’t really ask for more that.


AR: How would you describe your style of music?

JH: I guess you could call it classic country, there’s definitely different kinds of country music, especially now, there’s some I like more than others for sure but there’s room for everything. Country music used to be a dirty word, but it’s not like that now. We had dinner somewhere here, in this really old city and they had a sign up saying ‘Country and Equestrian’ and I thought maybe I should call my music that.


AR: For the Country music fans who make the trip to Nashville where would you recommend to go to listen your style of music?

JH: Roberts Western World


AR: Anywhere else, off Broadway?

JH: It’s hard to say, I’ve lived there so long now that I really don’t leave the house anymore. I don’t do anything anymore, I’m old hat, I just lay around the house with my cat and watch wrestling, so if anyone wants to do that, hit me up and I’ll give you directions to my house. Actually, you could go to the 5 Spot Club.

AR: Thanks again and enjoy your time here.


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