It’s only a gig right?

You’ve been to dozens of the things and it’s only another one?

Only it isn’t anymore – not for Mandy and myself. Most of our gigs now are life-affirming experiences, the music itself is usually delivered by an artist with talent, integrity and an apparent limitless reserve of charm and humility – last nights artist is a little power house called Ashley McBryde. She’s not one of the biggest stars in Nashville – probably never will be because she’s not got the curves or the flicky blond hair (though she is utterly gorgeous as far as I’m concerned!!!). Ashley is a treat – her writing is emotive, it’s witty, it’s powerful, it’s sassy and its memorable. Her singing voice is a joy to hear, and her on stage charisma is engaging and delightful.

A couple of years ago I experienced the Chris Stapleton ‘moment’ in Whiskey & You where you could have heard a pin drop except for the sniffles in the audience. Last night ‘Bible & a .44’ was as close to that moment as I’ve experienced since, and for those of you with a down on religion (myself included), it’s a book and it fitted in the story, it’s not about preaching (Ashley followed it with a song about a meth lab…)
But it’s more than that too. It’s going to a smallish gig in Islington with 500/600 people, and knowing maybe 10% of them before you even arrive. It’s being grabbed for hugs, cuddles and kisses from people you’ve met once before in real life even if you are their buddy on line. It’s being able to stand in a crowd and feel included and not isolated because the people around you are (mostly) cut from the same cloth as you are.

This is what Country Music has brought me/us. It’s the biggest damn family I know.

Our thanks and love for sharing last nights gig, but if you didn’t make it last night – you are all still special to us and hope to see you at another gig real soon!



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