Nashville-based duo A Tale Of Two, composed of Award-winning vocalist Stephanie Adlington and guitarist Aaron Lessard, are to release their debut, self-titled E.P. on Friday, September 17.

Stephanie Adlington has a special connection with the UK, having lived in London for 5 years whilst studying at The Royal Academy of Music. Well-known in Nashville and beyond as a premier vocalist (“The Siren of the South”), Adlington has won 2 NIMA (Nashville Industry Music Awards) and a Beacon Of Light Award. Originally from Massachusetts, guitarist and songwriter Aaron Lessard is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since he started playing guitar at the age of 9, he has always had a genreless approach to music, loving all styles from Rock, Jazz, to Roots Americana. Lessard was a finalist in the Ernie Ball “Crossroads” Worldwide Contest.


Combining the best of Americana, Country and Blues melodies with timeless Southern Gothic storytelling, A Tale Of Two is a rising duo in today’s Roots Music scene. Meeting in local Nashville venues, Adlington and Lessard began performing and writing together, recognising their artistic chemistry. “We come from contrasting backgrounds that make up our sound,” explains Adlington. “I love to bring a Southern Gothic inspiration to the table, and try to showcase that with vocal finesse.” Lessard adds: “I want to bring a unique attitude to southern sophistication. Why not throw in a dirty slide guitar with a sultry vocal and a drum suitcase.”


The six-song A Tale Of Two takes the listener through different stories and characters, all eminently relatable. The E.P. was fully recorded live, with virtuoso musicians Adlington and Lessard channelling southern lullabies, front porch blues, and even hints of Jazz and French love songs. “We pride ourselves on live performance. We want to create an authentic experience and live in the moment,” explains Lessard. “We have a passion for collecting vinyl and gravitate towards timeless records that carry permanent but true imperfections in the recordings, which carries a different kind of emotion,” adds Adlington. The result is a captivating Americana collection of songs about timeless themes of loyalty, love, heartbreak and the struggle of the human condition.


The duo often looks to the past for inspiration, putting their own contemporary spin on sounds they relate to. “We dove deep in our roots to grab the best elements of our favourite artists,” says Lessard. “Great artists like John Paul White, Patty Griffin, Tom Waits, Ray LaMontagne, and Punch Brothers helped us to find a home in the Americana/ Folk scene.” Adlington adds: “If Nashville has taught us anything, it is to be different. It is a unique hub of incredible musicians and writers. We have always wanted to find our own voice within the crowd.”


Oozing an infectious stage presence and chemistry that carries over from the music to the back-and-forth banter between songs, A Tale Of Two are a genuine pair of fun-loving storytellers. “Growing up, we both were surrounded by folklore and history. We were always fascinated by the people, culture, and especially dark tales,” concludes Lessard. “It has definitely shaped who we are.” Upcoming live performances in the US include an EP release show at City Winery Nashville on September 19 and a Spotlight show at The Bluebird Café on Sunday October 24.


A Tale Of Two EP Track Listing:

“The Letter”

“Blood Or Wine”

“Ain’t Nothin’ But A Fool”

“Waiting For Ever After”

“Chicago Lightning”

“Stay With Me”


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