By Kate Willis June 13th 2019

Kate had a chance to chat with Sam Morrow ahead of his headline set at The Maverick Festival launch party held at The Bedford in Balham. He chats about his band, touring and his music.

CL: Hi Sam, tell me a little about yourself.

SM:  Well I grew up in Texas. I started playing music in churches and stuff like that. That was kind of my musical beginnings. I had a little rough patch in my life and sort of left music behind and then I moved to LA when I was twenty. I’ve lived in LA for about eight years now. When I moved there I started getting more serious about my music. I started making records, started writing more songs. I moved to LA for a life change.

CL: Quite a dramatic life change, Texas to LA? The Texas red dirt genre was not your thing?

SM: All the music I make is kind of Texas music, is still a big part of me and I play there a lot, I just don’t live there anymore.

CL: Tell us about Concrete and Mud – it’s your current album?

SM: Yeah, that’s my third record. It’s been out a year and a half. It is the record I’m most proud of. I’m proud of all of my records but as an artist if you’re not getting better each record you’re doing something wrong. It’s given me the opportunity to come over here a couple times this year.

CL: Had you not been over before January and Americana Fest?

SM: I’ve been over before but only solo stuff in 2016 or 2017, not with the the band. Honestly the January visit was the first proper time.

CL: It’s more fun with your band mates isn’t it?

SM: Yes, and the shows are better and more organized!

CL: Are these musicians the guys that you play with all the time?

SM:  Actually Ben, our drummer for this show, is English and he’s playing with us all the time we are here. The bass player and the guitar player play with me a lot.

CL: Doesn’t the bass player play with Midland?

SM: He plays with a guy named Desure who opens for them.

CL: Oh yes, Josh?  He’s from LA as well, isn’t he?

SM: Yes, he plays with Midland a lot. Damon, the guitar player, lives in Nashville. I have people in my band that can play two or three instruments as you never know who is going to be available. I try to bring an American band over here but it’s expensive, but it’s great. The last time I was here I had an English guitar player.

CL: Yes it’s funny, that happens a lot doesn’t it? We see the same musicians playing for different bands. They must be so talented to pick up the music so quickly.

SM: There are a lot of great musicians over here. Obviously, I prefer to play with my band.

CL: Yes, if you want to change things up on stage you know each other well enough you can signal by body language I guess?

SM: Exactly, and you know you don’t have to spend time on rehearsing.

CL: It’s just getting used to the acoustics rather than the band gelling, right?

SM: Yes, exactly. This time over here has been great. We played Red Rooster. We are about to play Black Deer festival.  We are excited to play here tonight.

CL: I hope the weather improves for you, for the rest of your visit.

SM: The weather for Red Rooster was great.

CL: How was Amsterdam?

SM: It was great. We’ve never been before. We played Red Rooster and then we had five days off. It was just kind of nice to go do something else and we had never been to Amsterdam…It was Amsterdam! It was fun.

CL:  It’s a lovely city. The Dutch are great people.

SM:  We’re glad to be back here and playing. We have got a lot of cool shows coming up.

CL: What cities are you going to be playing at between now and Black Deer?

SM: Newcastle, London again, Bristol, Brighton, Kettering….

CL: I thought that you played Brighton yesterday?

SM: We played in Hassocks.

CL: Oh yes with James? (James Walker- Brighthelmstone)

SM:  Yes

CL: At The Hassocks Hotel?

SM: No at this café in town. We played there last year.

CL: The cycling café? (Proper Cycling & Coffee).

SM: Yes, the people there are so nice, they put us up for the night. It’s always fun and everyone’s fun. It’s low key.

CL: I know that place very well, I live five minutes from there.

SM: They are so nice; they gave us breakfast, dinner and coffee! Hmmm, I’m sure I’m missing some cities from the tour.

CL: Glasgow?

SM: Yes! Glasgow!

 CL: So Black Deer then you go home?

SM: No. We do Black Deer, then Brighton, Glasgow or maybe Bristol and Glasgow. Then we go to Sweden and Norway for about eight or nine days, seven or eight shows over there. The we go back to LA.

CL: Have you been to Scandinavia before?

SM: No.

CL: I’m sure you’ll love it. A lot of the musicians that tour there really like it.

SM: I’m really excited to go there. Then we go back and finish recording our new album. Hopefully it will come out early next year. 

CL: Thank you for your time and enjoy the tour.

If you’ve not seen Sam Morrow and his band play before and you love your country music on the rockier side do not miss a chance to see these guys, they are amazing live.

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