Think you’ve made your mind up that Florida Georgia Line definitely aren’t for you? Not country enough? Too much Bro Country going on? Lyrically shallow? Well, you should make it your priority to listen to their Greatest Hits compilation – with a twist I wasn’t expecting from them.

Seventeen hits in chronological order, all stripped back and arranged as acoustic tracks which end up sounding more Country than even the most hardened FGL hater could deny. The instrumental arrangements and vocals shine in tracks which are often overpowered by pop production on the albums and during live shows. I’ve always loved the Southern twang of Tyler Hubbard’s vocals which give FGL such a distinctive sound but it’s a real pleasure to be able to hear Brian Kelley’s vocal harmonies so crystal clear on this album. Yes, I can believe that there will be some of these seventeen tracks that may not hit the spot for everyone, including the ones with any trace of a rap, reggae beat or a secret kept by some chick called Victoria, but that’s the joy of a CD or listening via streaming – just press that forward button! There really is something for everyone here. I’d advise the real critics to end the album on track 13 though (me included) as I can’t move past the Backstreet Boys collaboration. I was more of a Bush fan than a BB fan. I’m sure younger fans and those with a pop leaning will be more than charmed, especially by the end hit track ‘Meant to Be’ featuring Bebe Rexha’s gorgeous warble.

I’m a big lover of old traditional country and by purist standards I shouldn’t touch these boys’ music with a big ole country barge pole. However, I can’t stop smiling listening to this album. These boys are fun, authentic, passionate and this comes across on this album in spades.

Too Country for some Brits, not Country enough for others – these boys have a hard time, what more do they have to do to prove they are worthy of moving with the high rollers of Country Music? I think they have nothing to prove and this album should sit proudly among the others in your collection.

My personal highlights:

  • Cruise
  • This is How We Roll
  • Sundaze
  • Dirt
  • H.O.L.Y (just for the fire in Tyler’s voice, nothing unauthentic there)
  • May We All

Track Listing:

1. Cruise 2.Round Here 3. Stay 4. Get Your Shine On 5. This Is How We Roll (feat Luke Bryan) 6. Sippin’ On Fire 7. Sun Daze 8. Dirt 9. Anything Goes 10. Confession 11. Smooth 12. H.O.L.Y. 13. May We All (feat Tim McGraw) 14. God, Your Mama, and Me (feat Backstreet Boys) 15. Simple 16. Talk You Out Of It 17. Meant to Be (feat Bebe Rexha) 

Caroline Gulla

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