Elles Bailey


The Long Road Festival


September 7th 2018



KW – How are you? Are you ready for the 38 shows in 5 different countries?

EB – Yes and no! That is why my follow up album is called ‘The Road I Call Home’.  I’ve just had a few days in Spain, I’m taking my vitamins!  It comes with the job, I will have a decent break at Christmas.


KW – Which gig are you most looking forward to?

EB – I’m flying to Nashville by way of a gig in Greece (as you do) at the end of this week. I’m playing a writers round at The Listening Room Café with Jeff Cohen who has written a song with me for my new album, he invited me to his Songwriters event and I’m reciprocating this time.


KW – Wildfire has had some great reviews. What’s your favourite song from the album?

EB – I love Perfect Storm, it’s about Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. In the awful times of segregation the musicians and artists came together and stood up for what they believed in and made this iconic sound which has become to be known as colour blind. It didn’t matter about the colour of you skin or where you were from, their lives collided and this beautiful sound was born.


KW – I really love your version of ‘Shake it Off’ it sounds like a completely different song. You’ve finished recording your next album, where was it recorded?

EB – The Sound Emporium studio in Nashville, Mono Valley Studio, Wales and the Blackbird Studio in Nashville.


KW – Does it have a name as yet?

EB – Yes it’s ‘The Road I Call Home’ and it is influenced by what I’m listening to.

KW – Do you write your own songs or do you collaborate?

EB – A mixture of the two. All but one track on the new album are collaborations.


KW – Who is your biggest influence?

EB – Blues Rock and roll, Joe Cocker’s album; Live at Fillmore East.



KW – What was the 1st song you sung in front of an audience?

EB – Elton Johns ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight. I was eleven singing to about 100 people.  One guy was moved by the music and was crying, I laughed at that as a child!



KW – Where would you most like to perform?

EB – Madison Square Gardens .

KW – Good luck with your set and I’ll see you in Nashville!

Elles is on tour across the UK end of September & October, find her dates on our Calendar.

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