Country singer/songwriter Drew Haley releases her new single and music video, “Fool to Remember” on June 12, 2020. “Fool To Remember” debuted on Apple Hot Tracks Country. In addition, Drew is proud to have her first CMT music video debut with “Fool To Remember” and it’s currently featured on’s music video page.

“Fool to Remember” is a song listeners won’t forget. It’s a heartfelt reflection on memories of what used to be, and holding on to a past you’re not quite ready to let go of. Drew’s emotional lyrics lay the groundwork for the perfect sad song, and the passion in her voice makes it clear she’s been there before. Drew’s voice takes center stage against a simple acoustic arrangement.

“As a songwriter, you always hope that someone out there will relate in some way to your songs, maybe find hope & healing thru them. I’m a sucker for writing sad songs and ‘Fool to Remember’ is definitely one of the most vulnerable, soul poured out on paper, heartbreak songs I’ve ever written. Its a bit scary and exciting all at the same time to be finally releasing it.” -Drew Haley

The beautiful music video “Fool to Remember” was produced by Austin Peckham of Create Nash. The video adds visual emotion to the song and Drew’s stunning beauty on camera matches her velvet vocals. Through the video, Drew tells a highly relatable story of love, what could have been, and the pain of those memories not easily forgotten.

The song begins with the lament of a love being lost in everyday demands,

“I wish you’d ask me how I’m feeling,..
instead of what’s for dinner.
These four walls are closing in more each day
and my patience is wearing thinner…
Drew sings the chorus boldly. She bravely shares the reality that can’t be helped, but is still heavy on the songwriter’s heart:
“People change I know,
and feelings come and go,
but losing you is my greatest regret,
I’m a  fool to remember,..
what I wish I could forget”.
Review by Aira Mae -Music Update Central (click here to read full review)
“You don’t want to miss the release of the new music video for “Fool To Remember” by Drew Haley. The Texas native shines beautifully while telling a heartbreaking story about falling out of love. Stunning videography highlights Haley’s acoustic guitar performance skills and captures the raw emotion behind this song. The visual images encapsulate the feelings of light and warmth, things that have been all but lost in the love this song eludes to. As water ripples underneath Haley’s gentle touch, listeners can’t help but feel ripples echo off their hearts as well. This reminiscent ballad will have you recalling lost loves and distant memories as Haley sings “I’m a fool to remember what I wish I could forget”.- Aria Mae, MUC

Viewers hearing and seeing Drew Haley for the first time, (fools or not) will no doubt remember this emerging country queen in her video debut with “Fool To Remember”.

About Drew:

Singer/Songwriter Drew Haley has landed cuts on five Independent Artist’s albums in the last three years and was nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media awards in 2014 for “It’s Gonna be a Good Day”. In addition, Drew has appeared in several episodes of the hit T.V. show, “Nashville”.  She also co-founded Get It Girl Nashville, an organization that offers business and creative support for female singer/songwriters in a male dominated industry, and also raises money for charitable groups such as Women’s Shelters and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Fearlessly forging her way down Music Row to the beat of her own drum, Drew has now chosen the very best of over 300 songs in her catalog for her upcoming release.  “This EP is 100% honest, raw and created based on some of my personal experiences of being a mom, a wife and the highs and lows that go along with this crazy, messy, beautiful, ever changing thing we call life.” says Drew. “Songwriting has and always will be my therapy, my safe haven where I can really tap into what I’m truly feeling within and express it. I wanted to be very intentional about what songs I chose to put on this EP because I think of my songs as arrows and I want them to bring light, hope, love, peace and healing to people. Music has been extremely healing for me during my hardest times and I want to spread that to others through my songs, ultimately. That’s my “why”.”

Drew’s laid back acoustic driven show connects with her audience as her East Texas country roots flow through her voice with an element of soulful sincerity.  Her heartfelt melodies, mixed with honest storytelling, connect with her fans leaving them with a sense of personally knowing her.

​Drew recently joined the all female band “The Highway Women” and will be touring and recording with the Nashville based group when she is not touring as a solo artist.

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