Helen had a chat with Carly Pearce before her 1st ever not just C2C, but visit to the UK.

Helen – Hi Carly, nice to meet you, how are you?

Carly – I am doing great thank you.

Helen – Have you been to the UK before?

Carly –This is my 1sttime, so I am very, very excited to be here, always wanted to come.

Helen – Have you got any time to do any sight seeing while you are here or does your schedule not allow it?

Carly – Well I am kinda back to back to back, but hopefully I will be able to come back.

Helen – It is quite good that you get to do it with Michael (Ray Carly’s fiancé) as well.

Carly – Yes, we are excited, we are both here for our 1sttime.

Helen – The weather isn’t too bad, you haven’t got the English rain!

Carly – No, it is beautiful, just really windy!

Helen – How long was your album ‘Every Little Thing’ in the making?

Carly – Oh gosh, I think my whole life, it was something I have dreamt of doing forever and being able to make an album was every dream come true.  It is definitely something that has completely changed my life and I will be forever grateful for that.

Helen – How long will the next one take?  Are the ideas already there?

Carly – It is almost done, it will be out later this year.

Helen – Who would you say your main influences are?

Carly – So many, Dolly Parton is a huge influence.

Helen – You worked at Dollywood didn’t you?

Carly – I did, yes.  I think she is an amazing woman,

Helen – Was it a bucket list kind of thing that you had always wanted to do, or was it that the opportunity arose & you took it?

Carly – It is more that the opportunity arose & I took it. I was trying to figure out how to make singing my career from the time I was in High School, so when I saw that I thought Hmmm, maybe this will get me out of class & I will just be able to perform every day. 

Helen – It must have been hard work 6 performances a day 5 days a week wasn’t it?  It must have been really hard work.

Carly – Yes, it really was a lot of work & I was finishing High School in between shows, but it was everything I ever wanted to do & it didn’t feel like work to me.

Helen – Any other influences?

Carly – Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Patty Lovelace, Martina, Sara Evans, all those women from the ‘90’s that just ruled, they were all huge influences on me. 

Helen – Have you got any lucky charms?

Carly – Now I feel like this is my lucky charm – & shows off her beautiful engagement ring.  Red wine, I like to drink that before a show, just having a little bit of time with my band before each show, we are all really, really close, we are in this altogether. 

Helen – Do you do like a Madonna type thing, a huddle?

Carly – We should do, we try to do huddles, but I always mess them up & no one ever puts their hands in at the right time, so it is always awful! 

Helen – So you don’t have any little quirky things that you have to do before a show?

Carly – Not really no, just try to have a few minutes of quiet time before a show to make sure I am in the right head space.

Helen – How nervous do you get?

Carly – It depends where I am, I don’t typically get nervous, but sometimes it does hit me at different times, just a little bit of butterflies. 

Helen – A friend of mine saw you perform in the US & you were wearing a football shirt, is there a particular team you support?

Carly – I wonder if someone had actually given it to me.  If someone or a venue gives me their jersey then I will try to wear it on stage just as a thank you for supporting me.

Helen – Do you prefer boots or heels?

Carly – I hate heels! I wear heeled boots, but I find walking around London difficult.

Helen – That is actually quite a high heel on your boots.

Carly – Yes, I took the tube & I almost died.

Helen – It is an experience!

Carly – Yes, especially with the heels, but I am making it. 

Helen – What sort of outfit are you wearing, are you allowed to tell me?

Carly – Oh my gosh, that was actually a really hard decision. Trying to pack, I go on to Australia after this so I have a lot going on in my suitcase!  I would say a lot of sparkles, velvet, shorts, I always wear shorts on stage, so yes, the typical Carly Pearce outfits, but they are new!

Helen – How long are you going to Australia for?

Carly – 5 or 6 days I think.

Helen – That is straight from C2C?

Carly – Umhum

Helen – Oh my goodness, your head is going to be in all sorts of time zones!

Carly – I know, but it is an experience, a once in a lifetime thing that you have to do.  It is a very similar festival we are doing over there, very much like C2C.

Helen – First time to Australia as well?

Carly – Yes, just doing it all at once!

Helen – Well I won’t take up any more of your time, thank you so much for talking with me & I hope you enjoy your C2C experience. 

Carly – Thank you so much.

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