Based in Smethwick, on the outskirts of Birmingham, here in the UK, Charlotte Young started singing in 2017.  Building a strong following over the years, she performed regularly on the local circuit and recently faced great success when she released her debut single on all major platforms.

Growing up, Charlotte would listen to a huge variety of music with Aerosmith being her all-time favourite.  She also draws her influences from Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and The Eagles.

Others stretch from Fleetwood Mac through to Merle Haggard, George Strait, and Faith Hill, to name but a few, mixed with the modern greats; Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, which helps her to create a unique, punchy sound.

But it was on hearing Taylor Swift’s music that made Charlotte eager to write her own songs.

Taylor’s narrative songwriting often centres around her personal life, and Charlotte feels that this is a kind of therapy.

Charlotte handwrites all of her songs based on what she has experienced and what she has seen. She believes strongly in the phrase “Three chords and the truth” and tries to implement that in her songwriting.

A multi-instrumentalist, Charlotte blends traditional country lyrics and feelings with sharp modern production, filled with acoustic instruments, electric guitars and strong beats to evoke feelings and passion in her music.

Charlotte joined forces with Puzzle Maker Studios in 2019, who have boasted successes such as Danny McMahon, Bob Fitzgerald and Hicktown Breakout.  Working closely with Scarlett River Management, Danny introduced Charlotte to Andrea Succi and helped her create her debut EP “Blown Away”.

Before the EP’s outing, Charlotte released her debut single in March 2020.  ‘Whiplash’ is the lead single that tells the tale of an indecisive love, somebody who just cannot make up their mind on whether that person is worth it despite all the tribulations they’ve been through and somebody just not following through on what they’ve said.

After receiving extensive radio airplay, her debut single had astonishing success by charting at Number One on the iTunes UK Country Singles Chart.  Charlotte also achieved an international number one, with ‘Whiplash’ when it hit the Euro Academy of Country Music Chart due to the amount of success and radio play in Europe including Italy.

Once her debut EP was released in May, this also received radio play from major British country music stations. And Blown Awayreceived excellent reviews from prominent UK country bloggers, as well as popular French country music blogger, Alongside Nashville.

Charlotte continues to make serious waves in the British country scene by joining forces with independent guitar Accessories Company, Pick Geek creating her first-ever Endorsement deal. Once this deal was completed, Charlotte signed a deal with Dutch guitar accessories company, Own Guitar Picks otherwise known as Eigen Picks

Charlotte is gearing up and ready to take on the road with her full band, and also preparing her second EP due in spring 2021, as well as many other shows the year will bring her.

As always, the BCA would like to thank our artiste for their time and wish them continued success. 

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“Smethwick, just on the outskirts of Birmingham, probably didn’t know that there was this bright star shining in the town. Her name is Charlotte Young.” – Nathan King, Forever British Country

“Charlotte showcases her little higher but softer vocal range, which compliments the lyrics of the song extremely well, whilst allowing Charlotte to get the point of the song across which is something I absolutely, love about Charlotte’s music.” – Kellie Bright on Blown Away, Bring Country to the UK

“Throughout ‘Blown Away’, Charlotte demonstrates her diversity in all aspects of singing and songwriting, and can definitely, be seen as a connoisseur.” – Dom Crooke – Country Chat with Dom.

“She has quite a smoky sounding, but powerful voice. Charlotte was very entertaining. She was outgoing and welcoming and chatted easily with her audience. I am looking forward to getting to know her songs too” – Keren Morall, Forever British Country

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