The Empty Pages are an acoustic (occasionally electric) country, folk (& anything else we think works) group from the East Midlands.

They began as a recording project in the spring of 2016. When there was enough material to make a full album, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist Kieran Wade recruited friends and colleagues from other musical ventures to join the recording.

The result led to their self-titled debut album released in June 2017 and featured Andy Dearlove on bass, Sean Dunmore on drums and vocals, Stuart Hendry on lead vocals and Kieran on guitars, keyboards, vocals, mandolin and ukulele.

The album was a complete DIY project, but although recorded, mixed and mastered in their home recording studio, it was performed and produced professionally. With great harmonies, clear lyrics and excellent guitar licks in the classic country style. The 10 track composition begins with the punchy uplifting “Autumn Girl”, and slowing things down to meet the end of the record, is the pleasant and melodic “Welcome To The New World”. 

“This debut collection from Lincolnshire’s The Empty Pages is a delicate synthesis of the Appalachian mountain and traditional British folk led by dulcet vocal harmonies and mesmeric guitars. There is an unaffected charm to these songs of love and loss that heralds much promise.” ~ Skewed Quiff, August 2017

In late 2017, a line-up change saw Kieran team up with former songwriting partner and band member, Fredo Miceli, who was also a very talented guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and singer. From then on, it was decided that this was to be the new official line-up. 

Now a duo, songwriting for the second album was by then already complete and 2018 was spent rehearsing for a couple of live performances and learning/arranging parts for recording.

The end of 2018 was very productive for The Empty Pages. After their successful debut gig in November, Kieran and Fredo turned their attention back to recording for album number 2.

Most of the first half of 2019 was spent recording, and the new 12 track album, “The Wanderer”, was released on August 7th. 

Although they are only a duo and their songs work live, they decided to record full-band versions of their songs for the album.  Again, featuring Sean Dunmore on drums, plus guest appearances from, Sam Bradshaw (cello) and Taliesin Lowe (violin). All other instruments were played by Kieran and Fredo, with lead vocal duties shared.

“The Wanderer” is another do it yourself home project, which has again been professionally produced from beginning to end.   The title track sets the Americana tone, which leads to in-depth storytelling and stunning harmonies throughout. Proving that over the years, these brilliant musicians have really honed their own unique sound. 

Kieran & Fredo were so pleased with the CD sales and thanks to Spotify and Apple, the album has now reached an international audience. 

In February 2020, The Empty Pages released a new single, “Beyond the Sun”, which was the first song co-written by Kieran & Fredo since their school days. It again featured Taliesin Lowe, who was visiting the UK from Australia, this time on bass and keyboards. 

The BCA would like to wish Kieran & Fredo continued success for the future and to remind our readers that you can keep up to date on our Artiste of the Week via their websites and socials.


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Filled with impressive vocal performances, luscious harmonies, and excellent musical performances, they have created a magnificent piece of art. FVMusicBlog, October 2019

“Despite growing from a fledgeling project into a fully-formed group in a matter of months, this duo sound like long-established songsmiths. Their rich harmonies, traditional finger-picking and winning melodies will have you captivated”.  ~ Musician’s Union, December 2019

Overall ‘The Wanderer’ is a very enjoyable album that would enhance any music library.

Forever British Country, September 2019.

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