Dina Andrews – aka ‘The Pink Cowgirl’ is a country and folk singer/songwriter from Jersey in the Channel Islands. 

With a style likened to the late Kirsty MacColl, her early influences include singer/songwriters Kris Kristofferson, Gordon Lightfoot, Randy Travis and more recently, modern artists – among them Keith Urban, Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss

In early 2019, Dina was nominated for the ‘International Singer-Songwriters Association’ ‘International Female Songwriter of the Year’ award, and in August, she made it to the finals and won the gold award at the ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. She also became a finalist at the “Josie Awards” for the same category in Dollywood. 

Dina is now the official I.S.S.A. representative for the Channel Islands in the UK.

So how did it all start?

Well at the age of 7, Dina started learning the violin, and after 3 years, she discovered the guitar and has been playing ever since.  She began writing her own songs 8 years ago, after studying and gaining a degree in English literature, where she went on to write and publish 3 novels: Reflections From The Deep, Tears In The Sands and Tears In The Rain

In December 2017, Dina released 2 singles just in time for Christmas, ‘Love’s Table’ and ‘My Christmas Angel’. These songs are available for download now on all of the usual digital outlets.

Dina then released her first album “Complicated”, which has been very well received and played worldwide since its release in September 2018. The album was produced by Jersey-born musician Sam Falle and partially in The Zac Brown Band’s Southern Ground Nashville studio and in Sam’s own Nashville studio in 2017 and 2018.

While in Nashville for recording, Dina played live at the legendary ‘Tootsies’ and ‘Swinging Doors Saloon’.

Her songs soon got noticed, recorded and released by the Nashville song writing Site and song writing resources company, ‘Paramount Song’, both sung by Dina or by various vocalists.

A philanthropist at heart, she has used her music to support several local charities and has organised & performed at many fund-raising shows, as well as donating all proceeds from her debut single “Tombstone Tarnia” from her first album to The Jersey Brain Tumour Charity’.

Dina has also won three Nashville Directors Awards for songs she entered for the ‘Nashville Songwriters Competition’.  Those songs are: “Let The Desert Wind Blow” (from the album “Complicated”), “Always Loved the Spring” and “Sycamore Tree” (not yet recorded). 

“Let The Desert Wind Blow” was recorded in Nashville in April at the Southern Ground Recording Studios in Nashville. The song also won her a Nashville Directors award through Paramount Song.  A video for the song was released. Filmed at St Ouen in Jersey, Channel Islands, it was shot in sepia for that old-time Western look and feel, which takes you back in time to the Arizona plains.

Dina had the privilege of a guest drummer on the song, the fantastic John Gardener, who drummed for “The Dixie Chicks”, so she feels very privileged to have the services of such an accomplished and revered musician.

“Let The Desert Wind Blow” was inspired by a friend of Dina’s, Tony Paul, who plays lots of blues, and a drunk who regularly shouts insults at some of the open mic singers. She thought someone who props up a bar stool all day must have a story, and that is how the song came about.

“Complicated” is the third song released from the album of the same name. The subject of the song is self explanatory, but the person it is about has made a huge footprint on Dina’s heart, which is why she decided to name the album after the song. It took her a year to be able to perform the song without crying.

Dina has performed many times in the Channel Isles and is no stranger to presenting either. She has played several live sessions on BBC Radio Jersey…..

Under the pseudonym ‘The Jersey Cowgirl’ Dina has a country music radio show going out at least 3 times weekly on ‘Irish Country Radio’. 

Dina also presents a one-hour weekly DJ slot as ‘The Pink Cowgirl’, a name given to her through the show she presents each week for Joe Singleton on the Wigan based country music digital radio show ‘Red Rose Country’…. available every Sunday on ‘Mixcloud’

And that brings us back to 2019, where Dina has had an eventful year ad and is now set to release her next single.

She says: 

“I was nominated for a Josie Music award back in September, which is where I met David Cleaver and Keith Brooks. David is a drummer, I told him I had a song which needed a good drum beat. I told him what I had in mind and he got together with Keith Brooks who added guitar and banjo and harmonies. It gave the song some depth and a kind of haunting tune based on what I had written already.”

“Inspired by the out take from a Chris Stapleton song I had playing in the car. The song was called “Outlaw State Of Mind”. It has one of the longest outtakes I know on a song.”

“The CD had been playing in the car before I took my dog for a walk, so as my heels came down on the road I got a beat going in my head. The words started to form…. Listen to the Rhythm of the Earth, I said listen to the rhythm of the earth. I have performed it several times a capella style with just a drum beat.

Dina has graciously allowed the BCA an exclusive play of her new single “Listen To The Rhythm Of The Earth”, which will be available on CD Baby and all digital platforms from 7th December.

Dina is also currently finalising a new song ‘The Chosen Few’, inspired by WWI’s Armistice Day – and writing songs for a new album coming soon.

The BCA would like to thank Dina for her time and we wish her every success for the future.

To find out where you can hear Dina Andrews being showcased all this week, check out http://britishcountryairplay.co.uk/artiste-of-the-week

Check out their website (https://thepinkjerseycowgirl.com) and socials for updates. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepinkjerseycowgirl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/guitarsnglitter

Dina Andrew’s music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Spotify.

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