Ask Gareth how he would describe himself; he would say that he was a Singer/Songwriter, Husband, and Father. Loves all music, but is a country boy at heart.

Others would say they love the deep warmth to Gareth’s voice and that he was one of the most authentic-sounding country songwriters around. 

Having been described as Springsteen does the Beatles, and a cross of Dylan and Bon Jovi, Gareth has a great vocal range and the ability to flow between soft and gentle songs to the big, thunderous foot stompers.

As a country artist, he says his influences include “The Gentle Giant” that was, Don Williams, the Man in Black, John Cash, and Chris Stapleton, all singer/songwriters in their own right.

Based in the Borough of Halton in Cheshire, which brought us such famous names from writer Lewis Carroll to comedian John Bishop, Gareth grew up listening to a wide range of musical styles. From the Beatles and Billy Joel to Motown and George Benson, with many more in between.  Gareth also loves his Folk music and is a fan of great storytellers like Ralph McTell and Tom Paxton.

Gareth was drawn to country music and began playing the guitar at the age of 16, but never began writing until much later. Songwriting came after a long time of not playing music, and Gareth found his way back at a time his soul needed to heal. 

Self- releasing his first single in October 2017. “A Million Butterflies” was inspired by Native American Folklore, which states that wishes can be taken to the Great Spirit by butterflies.  

Gareth says he first heard this legend at Halton Haven Hospice, during a butterfly release. He had given his time to play some songs during the day for people gathered at the event and so inspired by the release and legend, this song was born. 

The song is so captivating that as I listened myself, I was taken into the story, to sunny days and light breezes. It was really inspirational. 

Since the single’s release, Gareth has donated all his income from the song to the Hospice, which is in his hometown of Runcorn. 

In March 2018, Gareth released his second single, “Billy’s Girl”, written as a tribute to his grandmother (Nan) Sylvia who passed away a month earlier.  He says it was the hardest song he has ever written, as it takes a look back at his Nan’s life and tells of how she met Billy, the only man who would ever hold her heart. 

The song is what gave Gareth strength to carry on through those first few days after her passing.

Gareth took a break from music to concentrate on being a husband and father, but came back to singing and playing live, on his terms in 2019. And since then, he has made a big impact on the local music scene and created a name for himself on a wider scale. 

In October, he performed at The Studio in Widnes. Previously part of Queens Hall, the venue had welcomed such greats as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in its heyday.

Here, Gareth recorded a set for his first album to a select and intimate audience on October 18th.  ‘Fallen Angel (Live at The Studio)’ consists of 13 acoustic tracks of subtle shades of meaning and expression, which was well-received when released in November.

I have sat through his music whilst writing this feature and I can hear what people like about Gareth Heesom. With heartfelt lyrics taken from his own experiences, the crisp, clear tone in his vocal, plus the delivery, it all completes the entire structure of each song.  So, it’s no wonder that he has been described as one of the best artists on the UK scene today.

All the releases I have mentioned are still available via iTunes, ( which includes his latest single that dropped on May 1st. 

“Hold You In My Dreams” is the first single from the ‘Fallen Angel’ album and tells about longing for someone, loving them, but not being able to tell them.

Gareth says; 
“We’d sit in our room and plan and rehearse what we’d say when we saw them until we could recite it in the blink of an eye. Yet when they appear before us, all words would vanish from our lips.”

“Despite this, you would still think about how days with them would be.”

Reviewer Ian D. Hall described the single as “an amalgam perhaps of the likes of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison”. 

Gareth was set to play a part in some of the festivals in 2020, with the majority of these cancelled, Gareth is looking forward to a great 2021 with plans and discussions already underway for a US tour as well as a UK one.

And the BCA would like to thank Gareth for his time and wish him every success for the future.

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“Never before have I had goosebumps from an artist!” ~ Joanne Miles – Festival Organiser

“In Gareth’s commanding voice, you can’t help but listen to him” ~  Silverball Country

“When it comes to UK Country, Gareth Heesom is right up there with Ags Connolly” Mal MacWatt – Country Artist

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