Adam John is a country/rock singer songwriter based in the West Midlands.

After years of playing hard rock and heavy metal, he took a break between bands as the chance at writing his own material in a whole new style using just his voice and an acoustic guitar presented itself.  Since releasing his solo debut EP in 2016, Adam has been on a musical and personal rollercoaster, between other bands, side projects and starting a family, and taking the time to look at what he really wants from life and music.  He is now fronting the hard rock band Southfall and is about to embark on his second solo EP which will showcase the darker side of country music and what he hopes will be seen as some of his best work yet.

There are 4 tracks on the EP – the title track Sinner, Gallows Calling, Outlaw Me & One More Try & yup, it is certainly dark!  It is a Sunday morning, chill type of EP.

The EP starts with a crackling sound, as if it is an old vinyl that you are listening to, this started me on the Sunday morning feeling! All of the tracks are quite slow tempo, but the order of the tracks is clever.

In ‘Sinner’ Adam talks about the fact that he is going to hell, but he can’t (or doesn’t want to!) change his ways.  The ‘Gallows (are) Calling’ – due to his sins and he also mentions outlaw, saying an outlaw’s life is for him.  ‘Outlaw Me’ is a love story, which includes the very good advice to ‘live each day like it is your last’.  The final song ‘One More Try’ is a bit more upbeat & he apologises for being an idiot & asks for another chance.  I like the order of the songs & think it is quite ingenious.

The final track also ends with the crackling sound of an old vinyl. I really like this touch!

I have to say, I didn’t like this EP on 1stlisten, it is a bit too gloomy for my liking, however after listening a few times, not only did it grow on me, but I also found myself humming Gallows Calling when I ran down to the post box!  So it is definitely a grower!

‘Sinners’ will be released this Friday & will be available digitally from all the usual outlets.  If you want to get your hands on a physical CD you will need to go see the band & purchase the CD directly from Adam.  I am sure if you contact him on Facebook he can arrange to send you a copy!


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