Aaron Watson

The Long Road Festival

September 2018



Following a successful few UK dates, we chatted to Aaron ahead of his headlining set at The Long Road festival.


KW: How are you?

AW: I’m good thank you. Just finished a few shows in the UK which were great, I love playing here.


KW: I notice your name is James Aaron Watson, why are you called Aaron rather than James?

AW: I don’t know, you’ll have to ask my Mom!


KW: I also noticed that all your children’s names start with the letter J, what’s the reasoning behind that?

AW: You’ll have to ask my wife!


KW: Maybe because it’s easier for name tags? J. Watson?

AW: Yes, ha ha.


KW: What do you like about the UK?

AW: I love everything about it; history, the architecture and the people. We love coming over here, the UK has a deep appreciation for our music, the lyrics and the music.



KW: What or who is your biggest influence?

AW: Mum and Dad raised me on Waylon, Willie and Merle, The Beatles, The Stones etc. I also love Guy Clark.


KW: Will you get to Abbey Road studios while you’re here?

AW: Oh I hope to. My kids want a photo of us on the zebra crossing.


KW: How far down the track are you with your next album?

AW: I have about twenty songs ready to go. I don’t live in Nashville, I live in Texas with my family. I get up early make myself a coffee and write songs on my guitar (a pawnshop guitar he bought as a child). I’m going to the studio next week to work them up (The Blackbird Studios in Nashville). We don’t have a name for the album yet.


KW: Do you collaborate with anyone?

AW: I mostly write on my own.


KW: Thank you for your time, enjoy the rest of the festival.


Aaron headlined the Saturday night Rhinestone Stage following Carrie Underwood’s late withdrawal due to illness. He gave us his usual lively high energy performance, playing tracks from his albums and a couple of covers including Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. He was a very worthy headliner and I for one couldn’t have imagined anyone else headlining after his set.


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