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Hi, I’m Orla! I’m a nineteen year old student who loves country music! My mum is to blame for that! But so glad because I got to discover a whole new world of amazing music and friends too! I am currently finishing my first year of studying English at uni. 

I think I was first introduced to Country music when I was about eight or nine through my mum. I remember one of the first albums I was introduced to was Some Hearts by Carrie and ever since then I’ve loved her. If you asked me who my favourite artists are I would say Carrie and Chip! Since I discovered Country music my mum started taking me to gigs, (now I can re pay the favour!) one of the first ones I remember going to was the Carrie Underwood Cry Pretty tour, of course, and it was INCREDIBLE! Really hoping she comes back to the UK soon. I like a bit of everything when it comes to Country, but if I had to choose some of my favourites they would be: Carrie Underwood, Charles Esten, Elle King, Kacey Musgraves, Old Dominion, Drake Milligan, Luke Bryan, Kelsey Ballerini, Thomas Rhett and Sam Palladio. Going to concerts is one of my favourite hobbies and I’m so glad to be lucky enough to share the moments with amazing friends and fans too! If you ever see me at a gig please come and say hey – I love making new friends! 

Aside from Country, I also love rock! I would say I am as much rock as country, and some of my favourite rock bands include Bon Jovi,(my first loves, I have seen them twice, me and my sister were raised on them – although I don’t think we can say we are bigger fans than my mum and auntie haha!) Foo Fighters, Aerosmith and Guns N Roses. I was lucky enough to see Slash earlier this year and wow – what a night! I love a good guitar solo, I think that’s why I love Brothers Osborne so much too! Guitar is so hard to play and I have so much respect for anyone that can do what these bands do. Again, growing up I was raised on rock and so the legacy continues! 

I love spending time with my family, they are amazing. I’m especially close with my grandparents who don’t like country – (well, I think I am starting to convert my grandma!) however they love to see all my pictures and videos, more to the fact that they have to because I won’t stop talking about a gig if I’ve been to one for about a month after! I also love to spend time with my friends, and go out socialising! I always feel so good to be around them. My friend Liv and I attended C2C this year, only for the Sunday and Saturday after party (especially for Alana Springsteen!).

As well as being a student I also work for charity and I absolutely love it as I get to speak to people every day and be around a team that are so wonderful. I also love to travel when I can, and I am currently saving up to go and visit my friend Amy in Nashville, who has an awesome podcast by the way – Sippin’ On Country ( I can’t wait until the day when I finally get there! I also love animals and have a little French Bulldog at home called Luna. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews! 

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