I Dare You to Listen 3 May 2024

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No Stoppin’ This Train – Alyssa Bonagura – Love Wins (EP)

All This Could Be Yours – Tyler Booth – All This Could Be Yours (Single)

House Fire – Kate Boytek – House Fire (Single)

Give a Damn – Wyatt McCubbin – Give a Damn (Single)

My Kinda Man – Jeorgia Rose – My Kinda Man (Single)

Tomorrow’s Good Ol’ Days (feat. Ben Haggard) – Jesse Daniel – Countin’ the Miles (Album) 

What I Shoulda Done – Mae Estes – What I Shoulda Done (Single)

4 Low High (Acoustic) – Trea Landon – 4 Low High (Acoustic) (Single)

Bandit – Annika Catharina – Bandit (Single)

Whiskey in the Bottle – Scotty Hasting – I’m America (EP)

As Always, on Spotify at the following link 🙂 

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