Sammie Soravia’s ‘The One Who Deserves Me’ Review

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This week saw the release of ‘The One Who Deserves Me’ by Sammie Soravia, a country artist based in London. The song features Lewis Folkner, one half of the successful Folk-Rock and Americana duo Two Ways Home. Sammie states that the song is ‘an anthem for singles out there, offering a relatable and authentic portrayal of the complexities of modern relationships’.

‘I hope I’ll find someone, who makes me feel safe and sound in his arms, who won’t fool around, won’t let me down,and fights for me, just me, and no-one else’ are the opening lyrics. These set up the song perfectly, giving the sense that the main character in the song has had her struggles in love, and is yearning for something real.

‘The One Who Deserves Me’ has a gentle, almost relaxed feel throughout, Sammie Soravia’s melodic lead vocals accompanied by Lewis, creating a gorgeous harmony by the pair. The track is all about looking for love and finding that special person. Released in the same week as Valentine’s Day, Sammie hopes ‘this song is for all those who have experienced heart break but are still hopeful that “the one” is out there somewhere.

The softness of the song gives it a real endearing quality, with a gentle picking guitar accompaniment. The opening verse sees Sammie singing alone, before the harmonies with Lewis kick in for the rest of the song – this is a nice touch that brings the story and meaning of the song to life. At the start it’s just that one voice looking for love, before the harmonies give a sense that it’s a song for everyone in the same situation. Listen out for the guitar break just before the final chorus – almost like a third voice telling it’s own story.

On listening, you can almost imagine ‘The One Who Deserves Me’ playing in the background of a romantic movie, as the movie lead gazes out of a window, reflecting on their dreams. A perfect song for the most romantic week of the year.

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