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Drake Milligan is proof that true country music is still alive. His new EP, Jukebox Songs, is the epitome of new Texas country, embodying similar sounds to the king of Country music, George Strait. The EP, consisting of four tracks, lives up to its name with its honky-tonk feel and ‘old school country sound’. 

The EP begins with possibly one of the strongest songs on the album. ‘What I Couldn’t Forget’. It makes me feel like I’m driving through America in the summer with the windows down. I have absolutely no doubt that this will be played over and over again on the radio. It is a catchy, feel-good track with an undeniably country feel – the fiddle is possibly the best part! This song is bound to be amazing live will undoubtably win over the crowds at C2C 2024. 

I Got a Problem’ begins with a deceivingly soulful blues sound, and then quickly transforms into yet another upbeat tune. Milligan starts telling listeners of his problems, and then reveals in the chorus that ‘you’re a damn good problem to have’. The lyrics are clever, the bridge is uplifting and the stripped back version of the chorus after the bridge gives the song dynamic. 

The third track of the album, however, does not deceive. It is a classic country song of heartache and feeling, transporting listeners to a devastating breakup in which Milligan begs her – ‘Don’t Leave Me Loving You’. The use of slide guitar and finger-picked acoustic guitar is quintessential of 90s country heartbreak songs. However, the song writing of this track is quite unique – he seems to be asking his partner to hurt him, to leave ‘his heart broken in half, leave me like someone I never knew’. Although this song embodies the typical break up song, the lyrics are quite the twist on the concept. Usually, the artists are singing of their heartache and pain, yet Milligan takes quite a different approach. 

The final song, ‘Jukebox Songs and Barstool Beers’ returns to that feel-good vibe. This song could certainly be played at a honky-tonk, uniting everyone with their love of jukebox songs and barstool beers. It is yet again another impossibly catchy song and features the ‘old school country sound’ that Milligan himself sings of. It will indeed make you want to ‘pop a top and dance around’!

This EP is certainly not one to be missed and leaves me in anticipation of hearing him live at the C2C festival this year. His music is influenced by his musical heroes, the great George Strait and Elvis Presley, and this is evident in these songs.  It seems that Drake Milligan is an artist to watch – I predict that he will be one of the greats himself in years to come. 


1. What I Couldn’t Forget

2. I Got A Problem

3. Don’t Leave Me Loving You

4. Jukebox Songs and Barstool Beers

(Produced by Trent Willmon)

Available 16th February Pre-save/Pre-add now


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