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Written By: Twinnielee Moore, & Max Boyle 
Produced By: Chris Rafetto & Barnabas Shaw 

Fresh from making her historic Grand Ole Opry debut in November 2023, Nashville-based, British pop-country artist Twinnie returns with the first duet release of her career. ‘Take A Break’ features fellow Nashville-based pop artist and The Voice Season 17 finalist Max Boyle, with the two joining forces on the co-written smash.

Listen HERE.

The heartbreak country-tinged pop offering sees Twinnie and Max Boyle delivering a gut-wrenching track about wanting just one more night before they say goodbye, “if you don’t love me, fu*king fake it” drives home the sentiment of the raw emotion that is embedded within the lyrical story. 
Having only been in the co-writing space a few times beforehand, ‘Take A Break’ comes from a place of hurting and lost love that rings true for both artists, who encapsulate those emotions in a song that was penned after just a couple of writing sessions together. 
This is the first release in a new chapter for Twinnie who closes the book on the ‘Blue Hour (After Dark)’ era and kick-starts part two ‘Blue Hour’ (Before The Dawn)’ with a collaboration that has all the hallmarks of a crossover hit. 
Twinnie says of the process, “I have never believed in timing more than I did after writing ‘Take A Break’ with Max. It was such a healing experience, we were both going through a break-up but we were very much at different stages. I think we found comfort and some peace in knowing we were both going through the same thing. Little did we know that after writing that song we would become best buds and pretty inseparable. I’m honestly thankful to his ex because we would have never of wrote this heartbreak smash and more importantly our friendship would have never existed”
Max Boyle adds: “I was fresh off a recent heartbreak, and walked into a write with this gal with a funny accent whom I’d never met before, not knowing what to expect, just knowing she was super talented. I was pretty much a wreck at the time, and kept saying I wish I could just take a break from the breakup, just wanting anything to take away the weight of it all for just a second. When Twinnie heard that idea, she jumped on it and the rest is history. I can’t imagine writing that song with anyone else. I think we captured that desperate feeling of missing someone, and almost bargaining just to the see them again, even when you know it’s probably not a good idea”. 

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