Laura Mustard Releases New EP “Dirty Minds & Wild Hearts“

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what better time for Nashville based Laura Mustard to release a collection of love songs in the form of a new EP, “Dirty Minds & Wild Hearts” which is out now. 

The independent artist, who we introduced you to last year, details her journey of dating with a chronic illness in what she calls her “chaotic twenties”, the six genre-blending tracks telling the story of her misadventures which ultimately lead to self acceptance. All are solo writes, songs which Laura says never quite found a home on other projects she’d released. Combing through old favourites, she found what she describes as “this beautiful timeline that tells my story searching for the right person in my twenties, while also balancing the awkwardness and vulnerability of trying to date with a chronic illness”. 

Recorded over several months at producer Wilson Hardwood’s Elevated Music Studio in East Nashville, the EP features live piano played by Laura and live fiddle, banjo, mandolin and drums from talented Nashville session musicians. 

The lead single “Good Enough”, an upbeat anthem of self love that includes the most amazing fiddle playing throughout has already been well received and although these songs were written from a very personal perspective I’m confident that they will still resonate with the listener. They weave stories about finding first love that’s so innocent and carefree it feels “straight out of a country song” ( to quote from the opening/title track), break ups (“Promise Me”), unrequited love (“Like Home”) and there’s a fantastic moody ballad telling the story of an affair from another woman’s point of view (“Nothing Happened“). The closing track “Will You Go Walking” has strong Irish vibes, and ends the EP on a positive note with Laura asking her new love to go walking together in her favourite places.

“Love songs aren’t a new concept, obviously!” says Laura, continuing “But this is my best collection based on my own stories and mis-steps and I’m excited to share these songs!”.

Listen to the “Dirty Minds & Wild Hearts”  EP here

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