Alan Finlan, A Big Guy In A Small Town – A Personal Message!

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Not the sort of post I usually make, but Alan is a guy I have supported for YEARS, partly as he is local to me, but mainly because I believe in this guys talent! If you are local, buy a ticket & come and spend the night in the audience with me!!

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*Long post for people who care* (Me Alan, I care!! Helen!)

Wonder how many people delete me soon because I keep spamming the fact I have a gig?? This gig is incredibly special to me. I have been planning this for MONTHS. Lots of sleepless nights, finance worry, doubts that people would pay to see me…

With 23 days to go, I have sold over 150 tickets. I have an amazing opening act, the nicest people ever that is Sally and Stephen aka Gasoline and Matches. I have (and didn’t think I’d help make it) made a beer to go along with this event AND new single. An awesome venue where I have played open, mics, written and recorded at. Also, played really shit piano 😅 I’ll leave that to the pros.

I’ll probably say this won’t happen again in my local area, but I’ll have my band with me. A great group of musicians that will have a laugh and fun while playing. Plus they make me sound good 😁

Honestly, I never thought I’d do anything like this. I’m nervous, still not sleeping well either, but I’ve been told to do things that scare you. I can promise the people who have tickets, I will give you the performance you deserve. Until my voice is raw and I can’t stand, I will give 110%. That’s my promise.

If you want to come, some tickets still available.

What started as a crazy idea in the summer has become real. Its been a long while, but I’m f*cking proud of myself.

Thanks to everyone who was there from the start in 2016, the people met along the way, the teachers, friends, radio hosts, venue/festival owners. This is my milestone. Let’s plan the trip to the next one.

Big love,

The Big Man from a Small Town. X


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