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Americana rock sensation Morganway is set to unleash their latest musical creation, “Devil’s Canyon,” on Friday 16th Febuary. This marks the first single from their eagerly awaited third album, promising an electrifying continuation of the band’s sonic evolution.
“Devil’s Canyon” has been an integral part of Morganway’s live repertoire since the band’s early days. The single has taken on a life of its own, becoming a staple in their performances and an embodiment of their musical dexterity. The band members describe the experience of recording the song as almost transcendental, a moment where the music flowed effortlessly, guided by pure instinct and unselfconscious creativity.
Reflecting on the recording process, the band stated, “It’s like we were waiting for the right time to capture the lightning in the bottle. It was a very organic development; it was all muscle memory and completely unbridled. I think what surprised us all was when hearing it back in the studio for the first time, it sounded so fresh, like it was new again. It was the first track we recorded for the new album.”
Co-manager James, upon hearing the recorded track, enthusiastically remarked, “‘That sounds like YOU!”
“It may seem obvious, but that’s really what we are searching for in the studio. Something that feels and sounds like us!”, exclaimed the band.
“Devil’s Canyon” serves as a powerful prelude to Morganway’s upcoming third album, promising fans a captivating musical journey that encapsulates the band’s unique sound and energy on stage. Fans can expect more details about the album in the coming months, along with further singles from the album throughout the Spring and Summer!
Don’t miss the release of “Devil’s Canyon” on Friday, 16th February, and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Morganway as they gear up to share their latest chapter in the world of Americana rock.
You can pre-save the song now by clicking the link below!

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