Megan Moroney Releases New Single “No Caller ID”

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Following on from a hugely successful 2023 which of course included the release of her well-received debut album “Lucky”, the exciting and talented Megan Moroney has kicked off the new year with a brand new single, “No Caller ID”, out now via Sony Music Nashville

If you love an emotionally delivered, perfectly crafted country ballad this one definitely fits the bill. I find it very appropriate that it was released on Dolly Parton’s birthday, as to me it’s 2024’s version of her massive 1977 crossover hit “Here You Come Again” …. those same lyrics even appearing in the chorus …. but it’s a far cry sonically from Dolly’s more upbeat reaction to a similar situation as I’m sure you’ll agree!

Given the subject matter I wasn’t surprised to discover this was an all-female write, and wow just look at the names involved in this stunner of a song,  just one of them would have been impressive enough but put Megan together with Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington and Jessie Jo Dillon and no wonder this single is so impactful. 

Working once again with producer Kristian Bush, it is the melancholy steel guitar of Justin Schipper that sets the tone of this break up song before we hear how Megan is seemingly doing well, she’s “Two months deep in therapy, finally getting sleep“. Yes, she’s back on her feet and has even started dating again. But guess what? Her ex has an uncanny knack of knowing that she’s beginning to move on ….. does he just hate losing, she wonders when her phone rings at 3am with “No caller ID”. But she knows it’s him,  who else would drunk call her at that hour, “surprise, surprise you haven’t changed”. Seems there’s a history of him doing this, he knows she’ll pick up and so does she ….”I shouldn’t want to, but I do” …. with Megan’s frustration with the situation so clearly conveyed in her beautiful vocal delivery.

As she says of the release, it’s a “ huge day for the emo cowgirls who never move on from anything ever”.  I’m sure there’s a lot of us who can relate to that.

 I can’t wait to see what else Megan has in store for us in the coming months, all her news and links to her socials can be found here

Stream/Download “ No Caller ID” here

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