Catie Offerman Releases New Track “ Sound Of Missing You”

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One of my “discoveries” at C2C last year was Texan born artist Catie Offerman, and I immediately fell under the spell of both her honey-honed vocals and accomplished songwriting. Oh and her infectious smile and enthusiasm despite the freezing temperatures on those outside stages! Her acoustic performances left me in no doubt about her passion for the more traditional side of the country music genre, something that is even more evident on her studio recordings with their fantastic arrangements. 

Last Friday saw Catie release the break up track “Sound Of Missing You” via MCA Records Nashville, and from first listen the wonderfully descriptive lyrics of the opening verse transported me to the honky tonk where Catie is sitting, observing everything going on around her. While the others there enjoy themselves she struggles with her memories of happier times which her surroundings evoke but she’d still “rather be where the silence ain’t” as she prays that “this neon leads to brighter days”.   

A drum driven track with pedal steel heavy in the mix alongside some great guitar, I really love the way the accompaniment takes a back seat momentarily as Catie sings so emotionally about “Tryin’ to get through the getting through, Every drunk laugh with a stranger, every ‘hell, I don’t blame ya’” . 

A co-write with Justin Ebach and Josh Thompson, I love how this song came about too! To quote Catie, “I remember distinctly the day we wrote it. I went over to Justin Ebach’s studio and we zoomed in Josh Thompson, both of those guys are truly incredible. I remember Ebach telling me he had this idea – it all came from his little dog named Gnocchi whining for him on the bed, and his wife Jeanine saying, ‘that’s the sound of him missing you,’ and he was like, ‘that’s a song’.  So, thank God I was on his calendar that day!“ 

Yes I’m really grateful too, Catie! 

Stream/Download “ The Sound of Missing You” here

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