Remember Monday – ‘Laugh About It’ review

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If you’re looking to start 2024 with a smile on your face, there’s no better way to begin than by taking a listen to ‘Laugh About It’ by Remember Monday, a female trio from the UK who have been making ever-increasing waves on the country scene.

Remember Monday are made up of Lauren Byrne, Holly-Anne Hull and Charlotte Steel, who originally met at sixth-form college in 2013. In the ten years since they’ve enjoyed much individual success in the realm of musical theatre, as well as great collective success. The trio reached the quarter-final of ‘The Voice’ after persuading the brilliant Jennifer Hudson to turn her chair around, as well as appearing at the Country 2 Country Music Festival, garnering almost half a million followers on TikTok and supporting Billy Joel at BST Hyde Park. A recent London headline show saw the ‘Sold Out’ signs going out early outside of the popular ‘Lafayette’ venue.

In their own words, they are looking to release a ‘butt load’ of new music in 2024 – the decision to go full-time as a band late last year giving the trio time to devote all of their energies to continue their upward journey.

The release of ‘Laugh About It’ this week sees them hitting the ground running in January. The song was written by Charlotte Steele, Holly-Anne Hull, Lauren Byrne, Pete Eddins and Joe Tounge and takes a cheeky swipe at an ex-partner. This is a revenge song, but you could call it a ‘revenge song lite’. There is no real hard feeling in the song, the lyrics ‘I know you’re not that bad a guy’ and that they only want to ‘low-key ruin your life’ gives an indication that there is no real hating going on – just a sense of mischief.

And that mischief comes out in spades. Throughout the song there are fantastic little moments – they hope he can never get an Uber, there’s a really loud noise every time he tries to sleep and that he drains his battery. They don’t want anything too bad to happen, just a lot of what they call ‘inconvenient shit’.

On listening you can almost hear their tongues in their cheeks as they are singing, never more so than when the line of the song is uttered. I won’t spoil what the line is, but they immediately follow it by asking a cheeky ‘Is that too much?’, before embarking on the joyous chorus. The song is delivered with an energy and a zest which epitomises the trio. Individually their vocals are outstanding, while their harmonies take this to a whole new level. Remember Monday are an incredible talent but they are definitely in it to have fun too, sprinkling each song with a sparkle. I’ve not seen this song live yet, but I’m sure it goes down an absolute storm in front of a crowd.

This is a fine opening salvo from Remember Monday to start the year – I’m excited for what comes next!

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