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Randall King’s 18-track sophomore album Into The Neon – due Jan. 26 via Warner Music Nashville – takes listeners inside one man’s story of finding love and losing it, with songs made for slow dancing under the starry night sky or two-stepping at a local honky tonk. With the latest taste of new music off the upcoming project, Coulda Been Love‘, out today, King grapples with regret over the girl that got away and love that could have been.

Listen to ‘Coulda Been Love’ HERE and pre-order Into The Neon HERE.

“Heartbreak and Honkytonk. Turn up the dial and pour ya a drink, you’re gonna need one,” remarks King. Written by Jake Worthington, Kim Penz and Roger Springer, ‘Coulda Been Love’ is an up-tempo toe-tapper, as the narrator retrospectively ponders his decision to turn down a dance with a girl and realizes perhaps it could have led to more.

What was I thinkin’ sayin’ I don’t dance girl

Let her walk away and it coulda been love

Bet you right now she’d be lightin’ up my world 

What was I thinkin’ it coulda been love

Co-produced by King alongside Jared ConradInto The Neon incorporates a unique blend of the influences from icons and modern masters alike who have inspired King’s sound; inclusive of the timeless ‘80s country twang of George Strait and Keith Whitley, and the blood pumping, Y2K-era rhythms of Dierks Bentley and Gary Allan. 

Inspired by the countless nights spent strumming his guitar under the expansive skies in the plains of West Texas where he grew up – and by his current road warrior diet which finds him revitalizing Country’s neo-traditional sound under the neon signs of nearly 150 honky tonks he performs in across the country each year – King ushers people Into The Neon on Jan. 26, 2024. 

It’s a place where rowdy roughnecking, romantic tenderness and breathtaking emotion are all welcome; an ode to nature and the humble establishments that have nurtured country music’s blue collar roots since its foundation. It’s these very places that have nurtured King’s love for music and wide open spaces, too.

For more information and to follow along with updates, visit RandallKingMusic.com or follow @RandallKingBand across all social platforms.

Randall King Into the Neon Tracklisting & Songwriters:

  1. One Night Dance (Randall King & Jon Nite)
  2. Somewhere Over Us (Randall King, Mike Walker & Joey Hyde)
  3. When My Baby’s in Boots (Trannie Anderson, Michael Carter and Jordan Walker)
  4. What Doesn’t Kill You (Mitchell Tenpenny, Michael Whitworth, Nate Smith & Zach Kale)
  5. Hang of Hanging On (Brett Sheroky & Brice Long)
  6. Burns Like Her (Adam James, Greylan James & Mikey Reaves)
  7. Good Feelin’ (Michael Whitworth, Will Jones & Benjy Davis)
  8. The One You’re Waiting On (Adam Wright & Shannon Wright)
  9. Into The Neon (Randall King, Ben Stennis & Matt Rogers)
  10. Tonk ‘Til I Die (Randall King, Dan Smalley & Benjy Davis)
  11. But It Ain’t (Randall King, Jared Mullins & Ben Stennis)
  12. Coulda Been Love (Jake Worthington, Kim Penz & Roger Springer)
  13. Damn You Look Good (Ava Suppelsa, Aby Gutierrez & Andrew Peebles)
  14. Hard To Be Humble (Ben Hayslip, Corey Crowder & Chris LaCorte)
  15. Right Things Right (Trannie Anderson, Chris Dubois & Jordan Walker)
  16. As Far As We Go (Brett Sheroky & Drew Kennedy)
  17. I Could Be That Rain (Brian Fuller & Mason Thornley)
  18. I Don’t Whiskey Anymore (Randall King & Gordie Sampson)


A West Texas native and self-described “old soul,” Warner Music Nashville’s Randall King has never wavered in his honky-tonk allegiance – in fact, he’s worn it like a badge of honor, growing with pride into a leading voice for today’s traditional country. Amassing over 290 Million streams with singles like ‘You In A Honky Tonk’, ‘Hey Cowgirl’ and ‘Mirror, Mirror’, he’s kept the twang alive in country’s mainstream while also earning acclaim through deeply personal EPs like 2020’s Leanna, and his 2022 major label album debut, Shot Glass – which landed on both Whiskey Riff’s Top 40 Country Albums of 2022 and Billboard’s All Genre 50 Best Albums of 2022 (So Far).

Schooled on icons like Keith Whitley, George Strait, Alan Jackson and John Anderson, but inspired by modern masters like Dierks Bentley and Gary Allan, King first built an independent, grass-roots following on the strength of his electrifying live shows – each one a harrowing mix of rowdy roughnecking, romantic tenderness and breathtaking emotion – never asking for permission to explore his creative vision. He has since gone on to headline all across the U.S., the U.K. and Europe, where he continues to play nearly 150 shows a year and hone his craft where it matters most. Named a Country Artist to Watch by everyone from Pandora and Country Now to Music Mayhem Magazine, his sophomore major label album Into the Neon takes that craft to the next level on January 26, as King’s neo-traditional roots meet the blood-pumping rhythms and sharp, arena-sized grooves of Y2K-era country and beyond. Co-produced by King and Jared Conrad, and featuring 18 tracks, punchy sounds exist side-by-side with timeless swagger, further blurring the line between yesteryear and today – even as King renews his forever-country vows.

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