Chloe Chadwick Unleashes Nostalgic Charm with New Single, “Shoot to Run” 

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and Whisks Listeners Back to the Innocence of Childhood. It’s out on Friday 1st December!

Acclaimed Americana artist Chloe Chadwick is back with a delightful new release that’s bound to take you on a nostalgic journey through the iconic and cherished childhood games of “Cowboys and Indians.” “Shoot to Run,” Chadwick’s latest single, is a light-hearted and fun exploration of this classic rivalry that has captured the imaginations of generations.
We all remember those days of sweet innocence, playing in the backyard, dressing up, and immersing ourselves in the captivating world of make-believe. Cowboys and Indians were the characters who stood at the centre of our imaginative adventures. Chadwick brings these cherished memories to life in her own unique style, reminding us of the days when choosing to be a cowboy or an Indian was the ultimate decision, as both held equal fascination and awe.
While Hollywood often portrayed these iconic characters as being at odds, locked in bitter conflict, and engaged in fierce battles for vast territories, Chloe Chadwick’s “Shoot to Run” takes a different approach. Her goal is not to pass judgment, search for historical accuracy, or delve into metaphorical depths, but rather to unveil the playful and enjoyable side of Cowboys and Indians that resonates with people across the globe, irrespective of Hollywood’s often stereotypical representations.
“Shoot to Run” is a musical journey that captures the essence of the Cowboys and Indians game and the fond memories associated with it. With her soulful Americana style and evocative storytelling, this latest single is sure to strike a chord with audiences of all ages. Through her music, she encapsulates the joy, wonder, and innocence that we all once experienced while embracing these timeless characters.
In her own words, Chloe talks about the inspiration behind writing the song “I remember as little as 6 or 7 years old, there was always a western film on the TV being played whilst the Sunday dinner was cooking or when we got back from a Saturday afternoon of sports and we were waiting for the bath to run, hoping there was no hot water so we could play a bit longer. I used to get engulfed in the adventures of the Wild West being played out in black and white on channel 4. It was somewhat exciting seeing cowboys on horses, and Indians protecting their lands in an adventure of seeking the promise land and freedom. I would be engulfed for hours on an afternoon (or minutes so my mum would probably claim!). The thought of those childhood days dressing up as cowboys and Indians and watching those films as a kid on a weekend, somehow brings back a calmness and warm feeling inside, reminding me of a pastime that was peaceful, even though ironically they were films of bloodshed and war. The characters you warmed to, the stories were adventurous, the rivalry you fell in love with. You wanted to be them, ride with them, and see where the adventures would take you! That was my inspiration behind writing ‘Shoot to Run”.
“Shoot to Run” is a delightful departure from the everyday, offering a refreshing and heart-warming perspective on our beloved childhood pastime. The single is a testament to Chadwick’s ability to connect with her audience on a personal and emotional level, making it a must-listen for fans of both Country and Americana and those who appreciate music that touches the heart.
“Shoot to Run” is out on Friday 1st December and will be available to pre-save / pre-order on all major streaming platform very soon, so keep your eyes on Chloe’s social media for the link! 

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