Lady A Release New Track, “A Love Song”

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Song Cover Courtesy of BMLG Records

Multi-award winning trio Lady A are continuing their new creative chapter with the release of the track “A Love Song”, out last Friday via Big Machine. This poignant song, co-written by band members Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott alongside Sam Ellis and Allison Veltz Cruz, follows on from the reflective “Love You Back”,  an outside cut released a few weeks ago to wide acclaim,  and comes as they wrap up their fan-driven “Request Line Tour“ in the US. 

Working once again with producer Dann Huff, this latest track showcases everything we have come to love from the trio, with Hillary and Charles trading vocals over Dave’s piano-driven melody and of course their trademark harmonies are as slick and dreamy as ever. 

Watch the visualiser here

The mid-tempo waltz sees a couple coming to the heartbreaking decision that their relationship has possibly run its course and isn’t going to be “a love song that lasts ‘til the end of time”. It’s not something they are giving up on easily, it’s had its share of “second tries“ and Hillary seems to vent her frustration at the end of the opening verse in the lines “We play forever like it’s a game. It drives me in sane”. In the second verse Charles tells how he has to retune the radio when a song about loneliness comes on “because I know it’s the soundtrack of you and me“; in fact they have got “every other kinda song“ covered when it comes to their relationship apart from that elusive love song. 

Talking about the track, Hillary says “Sad songs always seem to be the ones that move me deeply. When we sat down to write this song we really decided to brave the deep of telling a story of a couple at the place in their relationship where they are realizing this might not be a forever love. It’s a heartbreaking story but one I think many will relate to.”

Listen to “ A Love Song” here

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