Sinead Burgess is having the time of her life on a U.K. tour alongside Kezia Gill

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Sinead Burgess is having the time of her life on a U.K. tour alongside Country/Blues luminary Kezia Gill, and on the day she performs at the O2 Institute3 in Birmingham, her newest single was released. ‘Ain’t Thinking About You’ is out in the world and receiving great reviews from fans far and wide. This song, in Sinead’s own words, is more than just a journey of moving on…
“it’s the epiphany of joy that comes from realizing you’ve moved on & then some” 
Sinead has not only produced this track; she has poured her heart and soul into it, weaving a sonic tapestry reminiscent of Sheryl Crow’s rustic rock tones intertwined with the rhythmic heartbeat of The Rolling Stones. The lyrics, though elegantly straightforward, encapsulate the essence of carefree liberation —a vivid tableau of that pivotal moment after parting ways with the past, embracing a world of new possibilities. When recounting the creative process, Burgess says;
“The inspiration for this track struck me like a lightning bolt one night. It was just a musical feeling more than anything, so I quickly built a demo of the ideas while they were in my head and knew I had to send it straight to Brian.”
Reuniting with Brian Koppelman, Burgess’ now main collaborator and same talented co-writer who helped bring her last release ‘Rolling Stones’ to life, ‘Ain’t Thinking About You’ captures the exhilarating sensation of riding the waves of life, leaving behind the echoes of the past with an unbridled joy of a great weight being lifted. Sinead fondly recalls the lyrical back and forth, where the words were finessed and crafted through a self-proclaimed ‘unconventional’ way…
“The lyrics came together so fast. We were text messaging back and forth, tweaking as I was cutting vocals, which was a really different way of writing for us & it meant we could figure out as we went along whether the vibe of each line felt right or not in real time. I never thought I’d write something so real and vibey over text! But it added to the conversational nature of the song. Brian and I have worked together so much by this point we were immediately on the same wavelength.”
This earthy, acoustic rock anthem, laced with a vintage soul of Sheryl Crow, Grace Potter, Alanis Morissette, and even a taste of KT Tunstall, is simultaneously carving out its own unique niche within the realms of Americana and Country music, a space that is rapidly becoming a sonic foothold all of her own. Sinead Burgess is set to commence her first show of the U.K tour with Kezia Gill in Leeds on October 13, performing 8 shows culminating in her very first headline show in London on the 23rd at The Slaughtered Lamb, where Americana darlings, The Civil Wars, also held their debut London performance. Ain’t Thinking About You is out worldwide on October 20th, 2023.

Sinead Burgess, the Australian powerhouse based in Nashville, is an extraordinary singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who leaves an indelible mark on the heart with her remarkable talent. Her melodies unleash a storm of emotions, ranging from profound introspection to breathtaking passion. Fearlessly merging genres like Country, Americana, and Singer-Songwriter styles, Burgess creates a captivating fusion that embodies the energetic spirit of rock, reminiscent of artists like Brandi Carlile and Sheryl Crow, coupled with the guttural, heart-wrenching tones of Foy Vance and Lewis Capaldi. With chart-topping releases, prestigious award nominations, and a highly anticipated sophomore album born from a transformative collaboration with scriptwriter Brian Koppelman, she is poised to ascend to greater heights. No stranger to the UK, she toured with The Shires during their “Accidentally On Purpose” tour and legendary artist Paul Young on his ‘No Parlez’ tour the following year, with 2023 marking her eagerly awaited first return across the pond since the pandemic. Sinead Burgess is not just a remarkable musician; she is a genuine force, inviting listeners into her enthralling world and evoking profound emotions with every mesmerizing note.

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