Carly Pearce Releases Fun New Song “Heels Over Head”

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Last Friday saw a surprise release from Carly Pearce in the form of a new song “ Heels Over Head” (Big Machine Records). And what a song it is too! 

 Although there were none of the now customary teasers prior to release day, the multi-award winning artist did perform the song live the night before in New York City as she kicked off her “Country Music Made Me Do It” tour …. and from the clips posted on her social media accounts she absolutely loved showcasing it and demonstrating her sassy side, there was definitely plenty of eye-rolling going on. And why wouldn’t she, I defy anyone to listen to it without a big smile on their face at the very least as Carly describes the “good time call“ that her ex left “little old me“ for, as she describes herself. 

It is lyrically sharp and witty with some fabulous word-play, as well as being insanely catchy, and I wasn’t surprised to discover that Carly co-wrote this with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Oh to have witnessed that writing session!  It’s definitely not one for any faint-hearted prudes out there as you can probably guess from the title which leaves little to the imagination …… as Carly interjected during her New York performance “Girls, you know what I’m talking about!” and judging by the screams she got in return they certainly did. And who doesn’t love that pause in the line “You love the way that she blows your……..mind”! Genius. 

But very cleverly the song doesn’t come across to me as an indictment of the woman’s lifestyle or behaviour, but more a criticism of her ex’s shallowness …”from the way that she looks you might think that you love her, but you know what you say about a book and it’s cover” she tells him . 

Absolutely laden with incredible fiddle playing from start to finish, the song continues what Carly has described as a new chapter for herself both musically and personally since the release of her hugely successful album “ 29 : Written In Stone” , a chapter that began in August with the release of “Country Music Made Me Do It” (her love song to the genre that shaped her) and the collaborative track with Chris Stapleton “We Don’t Fight Anymore”. If these songs are indicative of what we can expect from her next album then all I can say is “bring it on!” 

Enjoy the accompanying lyric video…..I guess scarlet was the only colour choice for the background.

Stream/Download “ Heels Over Head” here

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