Rising Star, Megan Lee is thrilled to announce that her captivating new single “Lost Boy” is set for release on 31st August

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Country Music Rising Star, Megan Lee is thrilled to announce that her captivating new single “Lost Boy” is set for release on 31st August! This highly anticipated track showcases Megan Lee’s incredible talent and passion for an authentic country music sound, and is sure to be a hit among fans.
This song beautifully captures the complexities and resilience of love, emphasising that it can conquer any obstacles or differences that may exist between two people. The lyrics portray a devoted, unwavering affection for someone, despite their flaws and the timing not always aligning. The protagonist sees their partner as their ‘lost boy’, a powerful force in their life that they can never escape. It’s a testament to the enduring strength of their connection, symbolised by the analogy of an unstoppable tide that cannot be outswum. Megan’s voice has such a beautiful tone, and her vocal delivery of this story will make the listener believe every single word she sings. He may be lost, but he’s her “Lost Boy”. 
After writing the lyrics with her musician parents, Kay and Stephen Lee, Megan then worked with Tom Wright on the recording and production of this track. The beautiful melody on the keys, alongside the traditional country sound on guitar, really brings this song to life. The result is reminiscent of country music recorded back in the 70’s by stars that Megan draws her inspiration from, such as EmmyLou Harris and Dolly Parton, but with a distinct modern twist. As one of the UK’s youngest rising stars in the genre, Megan is bringing a new generation of country fans into the UK country music scene.
Megan is set to tour the UK with Tom Wright this coming November so fans can certainly expect them to perform this song whilst on the road together!

Tickets are on sale now from www.wegottickets.com

Talking about the song, Megan said “I think this could be my favourite single release so far! I have forever enjoyed playing this one throughout all of my life performances, but somehow Tom has captured this song in a whole new light when recording. I hope you love it just as much as I do!”


Megan embarked on an incredible journey at the age of just 11 as the lead singer of her family band ‘Blue Genes’ whom she performed with for several years. Together, they thrilled audiences with their talent, releasing numerous singles and two remarkable EPs. Their debut EP, ‘Small Town’, burst onto the scene in December 2015, impressively reaching #19 on the prestigious UK County iTunes chart. However, this triumph was surpassed by their extraordinary 2018 EP release, ‘Named & Shamed’, which soared all the way to #1.
With boundless ambition and heartfelt determination, and encouragement from her parents – Megan decided to explore new horizons and embarked on a solo career as a singer-songwriter. She made her mark with the release of her debut track, ‘Humble your Heart’, which captivated listeners with its beauty and sincerity. Megan’s musical journey continued to flourish as she treated the world to ‘One More Time’ in 2021, a stunning testament to her ever-evolving artistry.
Maintaining a strong connection to her roots and heritage, Megan recently graced us with a single in her native Welsh language, ‘Y Nawr’. This incredible display of bilingual talent resonated deeply with her fans and showcased her extraordinary versatility. Megan’s talent knows no bounds, and she has had the privilege of performing at various UK festivals, including the renowned Buckle and Boots in Manchester. These memorable performances have further solidified her reputation as one to watch, a rising star on the UK Country and Americana scene!

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  1. love her music and her passion for country music with a more modern twist.
    look forward to hearing more and watching her career.

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