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Columbia Records NY/Sony Music Nashville artist-songwriter Alana Springsteen announces the forthcoming release of TWENTY SOMETHING: Getting It Right – the third and final installment of her highly anticipated full-length debut, TWENTY SOMETHING. Delivered on August 18Getting It Right will arrive alongside the entire album: an 18-track landmark project documenting all the heartache, triumph, and transformation she’s experienced so far in her 20s. 

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“I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for the release of Getting It Right. Not only because it marks all of my debut album TWENTY SOMETHING being out in the world, but also because I’m finally at a place where I can start talking about some of the really fulfilling moments I’ve experienced over the past year or so. I’ve found my way out of a really dark season of heartbreak and self-discovery, and it’s been a real roller coaster of a ride. On the other side of all of that, I’ve found this really empowering, fulfilling, steady sense of self. The songs on part three are a lot of the reason I’m where I am today,” shares Springsteen. “They’ve let me process the hurt and confusion, and have helped me get to know and love myself in ways I didn’t know I wasn’t before. I’m letting myself be happy again. I’m trusting myself and I’ve surrounded myself with people who have taken the time and made the effort to earn that trust. These songs have prompted conversations with family and friends that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to engage in a year ago. Most importantly, I’m having fun and I’m giving myself permission to mess up more. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that you don’t really get it right without the risk of getting it wrong, and I hope these stories give the people who listen a little courage to take that risk more often. I can’t promise it’ll be easy, but I can promise it’ll be worth it.”

With Springsteen being a co-writer on all 18 songs, in addition to a co-producer on nearly all with several guitar creditsTWENTY SOMETHING consists of three parts – Messing It UpFiguring It Out, and Getting It Right – that each explore a different phase on the journey to becoming her most authentic self. On Getting It Right, the Virginia Beach, VA-raised musician opens up about certain turning points on her way to self-acceptance and self-understanding. Whether she’s speaking to the thrill of following your own path or paying homage to those who’ve inspired her to chase her dreams, Springsteen perfectly captures the one-of-a-kind beauty of fully living your truth. 

Sharing the first release from Getting It Right today, Springsteen’s carefree and infectiously confident track called “look i like” marks a bold departure from her last release of the darkly hypnotic “ghost in my guitar (feat. Chris Stapleton)” – off the second installment, TWENTY SOMETHING: Figuring It Out. Receiving high-profile attention on Billboard’s “Cool New Pop Songs” and “Must-Hear New Country Songs” lists, plus lauded by NPR, “Springsteen pulls off a deep understanding of human nature with surprising detail,” “look i like” continues to keep all eyes on Springsteen, this time showing off her more fun-loving and flirtatious side. Produced by Pete Good and Springsteen (two frequent collaborators who also co-wrote the track with Shane McAnally), “look i like” presents a detailed play-by-play of pursuing the object of her instant infatuation, as it brings that easygoing self-assurance to a beautiful backdrop of lush synth, bright banjo tones, and sublimely breezy rhythms. 

Listen here and watch the lyric video.

“I wrote ‘look i like’ with Shane McAnally and Pete Good. I remember every second of that day because I had never written a song like this before. That session was the first time I remember feeling ready to explore the emotions that come with truly wanting someone again. I’ve noticed part of what makes songwriters like Shane so great is their ability to write instinctively and to know when to trust those instincts. ‘look i like’ fell out very quickly because we didn’t let ourselves overthink or overwrite it. There are days when you do that and you end up with a song that could have been better, and there are days it ends up being exactly what it was meant to be. This day was the latter … so much so, that the final vocal is the one from the day we wrote it,” adds Springsteen. “When I write songs I know I need to get out, there tends to be a magic to the day-of vocal. Texture, emotion, feel. In this case there was a deep yearning in my voice that I didn’t want to mess with, so it stayed. With every decision we made on this song while writing and producing it, we wanted to capture the energetic exchange that happens when you notice someone you have insane chemistry with. It’s all completely non-verbal. Everything from the vocal runs, to the bare instrumentation was meant to create anticipation and tension. ‘we don’t chase, we attract’ is also a theme that runs through Getting It Right, and adding that spoken section was a last minute decision I made while Pete and I were in the final stages of producing it. I’ve never been one to make the first move but there’s a lot you can say to someone without saying a word. ‘look i like’ is basically a play-by-play of the internal dialogue I experienced in a moment where I felt that way for the first time in a long time. This song will never not make me feel some type of way.”

Named Apple Music’s Country Riser of the Month for July, Springsteen recently graced the pages of The Tennessean with a print Portfolio feature and an album review in Nashville Lifestyles (on stands now) – “the trilogy of country-pop catharsis is complete,” further applauds the magazine. “Tracing her own coming-of-age with confident vocals and wry wit, it’s the soundtrack to an indelible decade.” Tonight in West Valley City, UT, she wraps up her summer run in support of Luke Bryan – go to for a full list of upcoming tour dates and ticketing information. 


1. “you don’t deserve a country song” (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Geoff Warburton, Will Weatherly, Michael Whitworth)*
2. “if you love me now” (Alana Springsteen, John Byron, Jared Keim, Ryan Beaver)+
3. “caught up to me” (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Dallas Wilson)+
4. “goodbye looks good on you (feat. Mitchell Tenpenny)” (Alana Springsteen, Lauren LaRue, Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson)^
5. “tennessee is mine” (Alana Springsteen, Madison Kozak, Claire Douglas Wall, Grady Block)**
6. “shoulder to cry on” (Alana Springsteen, Liz Rose, Trannie Anderson, AJ Pruis)^
7. “twenty something” (Alana Springsteen, Liz Rose, AJ Pruis, Trannie Anderson)^
8. “chameleon” (Alana Springsteen, Sasha Alex Sloan, King Henry)+
9. “here’s to all my exes” (Alana Springsteen, Will Weatherly, Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins)#
10. “hypocrite” (Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Ryan Beaver)^
11. “when we were friends” (Alana Springsteen, Sasha Alex Sloan, Pete Good)**
12. “ghost in my guitar (feat. Chris Stapleton)” (Alana Springsteen, Ido Zmishlany, Delacey, Sarah Solovay)++
13. “taylor did” (Alana Springsteen, Trannie Anderson, Dallas Wilson, Alysa Vanderheym)^^
14. “different kinda country” (Alana Springsteen, Josh Dorr, Nick Bailey)##
15. “cowboys and tequila” (Alana Springsteen, Paul DiGiovanni, Parker Welling, Josh Dorr)+
16. “thinkin’ straight” (Alana Springsteen, Shay Mooney, Ryan “Rykeyz” Williamson, Geoff Warburton)***
17. “look i like” (Alana Springsteen, Shane McAnally, Pete Good)**
18. “amen” (Alana Springsteen, Delacey, Sarah Solovay, Ido Zmishlany)++* Produced by Chris LaCorte; Co-Produced by Will Weatherly

Produced by Paul DiGiovanni and Alana Springsteen
Produced by Chris LaCorte and Alana Springsteen
Produced by Will Weatherly and Alana Springsteen
** Produced by Pete Good and Alana Springsteen
++ Produced by Ido Zmishlany and Alana Springsteen
^^ Produced by Alana Springsteen; Co-Produced by Austin Stanley 
## Produced by Nick Bailey and Alana Springsteen
*** Produced by Ryan “Rykeyz” Williamson


Columbia Records NY/Sony Music Nashville artist-songwriter Alana Springsteen is TWENTY SOMETHING. Making her anticipated debut as a three-part album, her third installment TWENTY SOMETHING: Getting It Right, releases with the full-length project on August 18, as NPR hails, “Few artists dissect and make sense of life in your 20s quite like Alana Springsteen.” Lauded by Billboard as possessing “a classic female voice packed with angst and determination,” E! News praises “one of Nashville’s most buzzworthy emerging artists,” while PEOPLE deems Springsteen “the future of country music.” Amassing 125.8 million streams globally, the 22-year-old is among the Class of 2023 for CMT’s Next Women of Country and MusicRow’s Next Big Thing; a Celebrity Ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation; and previously named a Country Artist to Watch by Pandora. Now supporting Luke Bryan, she’s appeared at the Grand Ole Opry and has already been spotted on the road with LANY, Mitchell Tenpenny, and Adam Doleac.

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