Introducing Mr Rattlesnake and Yeehaw Honky Tonk.

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Gather round y’all! There’s a new sherif in town and he’s rocking this little country world of ours! Mr Jay Rockwell, or as you may know him, Rattlesnake Jonny, has firmly planted his boots on the scene this summer. 

Mr Rattlesnake is the man and myth behind the Yeehaw Honky Tonk brand (@yeehawhonktonk on Instagram), has done what others haven’t quite managed to do, he’s created the Sunday service we never knew we were missing, bottomless brunch and country music – what a perfect combination. 

Now if you’re not familiar with bottomless brunch, let me explain it for you. Picture this, early enough on a Sunday that you can go home, sober up and get ready for work the next day or, if you’re wild and slightly delusional like me, you can stay out all night. You get 90 minutes to drink as much Prosecco, beer or bloody Mary’s (not sure who’d chose this option for fun) as you possibly can, plus a very generously sized brunch dish! And the the fun continues on the dance floor for the next few hours! 

The Yeehaw Honky Tonk seem to be buddying up with Revolution, who also allow you to indulge in their speciality cocktails (at a £10 per person upgrade) if you so wish! These events have been happening all over the UK, from Newcastle to Cardiff, to Leeds and Milton Keynes. Which makes a nice change as most things are London or Manchester based! 

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, I rounded up some local cowgirls and headed on down to the London event to see what at the fuss was about and let me tell you, a fab time was had by all! From tasty brunch treats (I had the brunch burger – there were even veggie, vegan and gluten free options available) to free flowing booze. He’s got decorations, he’s got dancers (hello boys!) and he’s even got beer pong (although they nearly lost a ping pong ball had I not had chased it half way down Clapham High Street)! 

DJ Rockwell will be happy to take your requests but make sure you get up and get to down to a full mix of hoedown hits, from classics like Ring of Fire, to new hits from the likes of Cole Swindell to crowd favourites like the Mona Conga (Mona Lisa by Brad Paisley). For the most novice of cowboys to the seasons rednecks, there’s certainly a song or two to get your boots scooting in DJ Rockwells mix! 

But it’s not just bottomless brunches that they’ve nailed, the yeehaw name has also launched its very own IPA and Mr Rockwell is making quite a name for himself and the next big DJ on the UK country music scene. He recently was resident DJ at Highways Festival (also new to the scene this summer) and kept us entertained between a variety of artists, keeping us on our toes while we waiting for the bar or the bathroom or both! 

I caught up with Mr Rattlesnake following his very successful, sold out, London bottomless brunch to find out what his next move is…

Unless you’re based in Nottingham (23rd July) or Newcastle/ Glasgow, where Mr Rockwell is based, you’ll sadly have to wait to next time his party crowd rolls into your town – if you’re based in those areas where he’s yet to party, get your tickets now! But he’ll certainly be back and I’m confidently he’ll be bringing an even bigger, rocking and rolling, honky tonky wonky party! Stay tuned

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