“Names To Note”: A Series On Rising UK Female Artists

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Following on from our first article in this series which featured Savannah Gardner (https://countrylowdown.com/2023/06/26/names-to-note-a-series-on-rising-uk-female-artists/ ) the spotlight this time falls on Oxfordshire based singer/songwriter Kiera Gabrielle. 

The country music genre is  becoming more diverse, and Kiera’s music definitely has pop leanings while her writing still draws inspiration from the storytelling associated with many country artists. Indeed, while she grew up listening artists including Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus she became obsessed with the lyrical content in Dolly Parton songs, learning every word and discovering the deeper meanings in her songs. She also cites Taylor Swift as one of her favourite songwriters. 

When it comes to her own songwriting Kiera is inspired by her own real life experiences, using writing to process her emotions, but she is finding that  her songs are also highly relatable to her growing fanbase. She enjoys being involved in every part of the creative process, including self- producing many of her releases and creating videos to accompany her tracks. 

Following on from her first three singles about failed relationships (she refers to them as her “boys who did me wrong songs”) her most recent single, “Summer Loving” is about finally finding love with a “boy who did me right”. Kiera describes it as being about “the beauty and excitement of falling for someone; and how having that someone in your life can correlate to that feeling you get when the nights start to get lighter and life just feels that little bit better with the sun in the sky”. 

More information about Kiera can be found here

KieraGabrielle | Instagram, Facebook | Linktreelinktr.ee

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