Scott Sean White Launches Kickstarter For Sophomore Album

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By Lesley Hastings

Hailing from Poetry, Texas ( yes, that really IS a place!) Scott Sean White is one of those very special singer/songwriters who is not afraid to bear his soul in his music. Having released his well received debut album “Call It Even” back in 2021  (listen here ) which was actually my album of the year back then fighting off those by more established, major label artists,  Scott has recently announced a Kickstarter project to fund his much anticipated sophomore project which he started work on last September.

“ Even Better On The Bad Days” is slated for a Summer release, with the lead single expected in May, and is being co- produced in Nashville by Scott alongside Grammy Nominated Dave Brainard who produced Brandy Clark’s “ 12 Stories” and both of (his now wife) Jenny Tolman’s albums among others. It will feature 10 new songs, including co-writes with fellow Texan Radney Foster, and his good friends John Baumann, Helene Cronin and Lisa Carver, and sounds as if it will tackle topics as personal and poignant as it’s predecessor. To quote Scott “ 10 songs. Real life. Not trying to make something for radio-just trying to make art. Something that lasts”. 

It includes songs inspired by the tragic loss of all three of Scott’s brothers, Joey back in 2016 the last two only a couple of weeks apart in 2021 (on “Just Not Today”, “ Small World” and “God Is Good”) and his rock aka his wife Brenda who Scott says is in there on songs like “ Keeper” but “ probably in every song in some way or another! “ 

The main way is seems it will differ from “ Call It Even” is that this time around there will be more full band songs on it, a few more uptempo songs, something Scott needed help with and Dave Brainard was his ideal person for the job and as Scott says, “to my pleasant surprise, Dave said yes”.

Although Scott and Brenda have managed to fund a considerable amount of “Even Better On The Bad Days” themselves, there’s still funding needed for the likes of a PR company, a social media team, advertising, videos etc , hence the Kickstarter campaign mentioned earlier which has a goal of $25,000, the bare minimum for what HAS to get done. There are 12 donation/reward tiers from as little as $15 (don’t worry, you needn’t be in the US to back the project!) and every little helps. With just a couple of weeks left, 50% of the target has been raised so come on, let’s help raise the rest! 

Here’s the all important link you need for your pledge

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